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uHh yEaH mY nAmE iS mEgHaNn AnD i lIvE iN StL bAbY! rEpReSeNT! pEaCe OuT! oOoOh YeAh! tEdDyBeAr785 iS mY fRiEnD sO yA'Ll BeTtEr ReAd HeR qUoTeS aNd LiKe Em CuZ ShEs Da BoMb! PeAcE oUt PlAyA pLaYa!

Quotes by LiKeToTaLlYkOoL

Things Astronomers Say that Sound Dirty, but Really Aren't . . .

1) "Exactly how long is your tube?"

2) "I need a friend to help me grind this thing..."

3) "I want to get in a little naked-eye action."

4) "I want to look at Uranus?"

5) "You need a bigger unit so you can go deeper..."

6) "What's the best way to mount a Short-Tube?"

7) Reasons why smaller apertures are better...

8) Are you going to shoot the Virgin tonight?

9) She looked in awe as it rose higher and higher

10) "Mine is bigger than yours"

11) "Who says size doesn't matter?"

12) "We do it in the dark"

13)"We sometimes do it all night long"


15) "I use shower caps over the end of my 6 and 10 inch..., you will need the extra large size for your 12.5 inch."

16) "Do you have your angle of the dangle correct?"

17) "I enjoy viewing heavenly bodies through my telescope...especially during showers"

18) "I love going deep ...."

19) "The deeper the better"

20) "Bigger almost always performs better"
EnJoY LiFe ToDaY
YeStErDaY HaS GoNe
ToMoRrOw MaY nEvEr CoMe
they say your whole life
flashes before u when u die
make it worth watching..
.`) WhOeVeR sAiD i DiDnT lIkE u (`.
.`)*.:. WaSnT lYiNg .:.* (`.
*In a world full of ChEeRiOs*
*You sure are a FrUiTLoOp!*
Everybody has a reason to smile...and you're mine
more people would learn from
their mistakes if they weren` t
so busy (( denying )) them..
you`re my colored picture in a world of b l a c k and white
* ; i pLay it off liKe i qoT nothin to
* ; lie about; nothinq to siqH about;
* ; but iin my HEART i know
* ; i qot somethiiN to cry aBout --
I couLdn`t saY how I felt
.* so i cried ---