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Quotes by LiLAnGiExo09

It's hard to try and find that o n e special person. 
You think you could spend f o r e v e r with them.
&& suddenly you realize that they're n o t the 
person you thought they were.
  1 boy && 1 girl :)
history and english class t o g e t h e r
becoming best friends.
and n e v e r stops talking to each other.
The girl starts to l i k e him and everyone can t e l l.
Does the boy like the girl?
Well that's, the m y s t e r y he doesn't wanna tell...???
so i'll (( sleep )) this life away
because my dreams are so : sweet :
now that you're in them
» i don't want to leave this place «
  without you_*
you know that boy.. that you can never get out of your
head? the one that seems to 
relate to everything you
every song, every word? the one that, at the mere
mention  of  his
  name,   your  entire  face  lights  up?
the one  that  has  full capacity  to break  your heart.
Julia Daly

Memories of the past start to rewing,
Thoughts drifting through my [ c o n f u s e d ] mind.

Memories of what [ u s e d ] to be,
Times when you still loved me.

Can't you see that I love you?
If only you still loved me too.

Tears are raining from my eyes,
The happy girl face is just a [ d i s g u i s e ].

Me and you [ t o g e t h e r ],
You were my other half.
I wanted us to last [ f o r e v e r ],
But you chose to take a [ d i f f e r e n t ] path.
you didn't love her, -->
you don't   d e s t r o y ]   the people you love.

greys anatomy
the truth is
Im absolutely || positively || without a doubt || in love with you
x · º· x · º · x· 
Hieyes *
; don't have to be a gorgeous
; green, or a brilliant blue. All I
;  want is for those eyes of his to
; light up every time he sees me <3
` - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
is  the  "happiest  place  on  earth"  
w e l l     ;;     o b v i o u s l y 
they    have   never   been   in
your arms(:
you idiot
this is the part where you run after
her, and
 beg her 
to stay with you 
[     f   o   r   e   v   e   r   </3