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its y0ur lOve my heaRt beats for _0x name- maRissa- ;stats- singLe =) dont i/m me fer help w/ pro's if u want quotes then look at the other ones i have made

Quotes by LiLMzRisS32

-i hAve this feeLing it just w0n't die i l0ok at the staRs
whiLe i staRt to cRy not one 0f them n0t wished on n0t
one of those wishes not true all those stars r filled with
the th0ughtz 0f u <3 mAc / te am0 <3

mArissa <3 xoxo
s0oo sLice . 0pen my veins and let the
romance bLeed away - senses faiL *
"Never run in the rain with your socks on. "
- the amazing w0rds of BilLie j0e <3 =)

bilLie joe is from greenday !! <33 omg i love them <3
feeLings change ; y0ur life is gonna re-
arrange . no matter how tought it gets
stAy str0ng, don't give up - mAc *

mArissa <3 xoxo

lines up in comic sans size 8
itz kinDa funny h0w feeLings can
change s0o quickLy =\ - mAc *

- mArissa <3 xoxo =)
he sPends his tyme on the ones
wh0 d0n't care <|3 - mAc *

-mArissa <3 xoxo
i deny what is tRue .. you d0n't kn0w ,
but i realLy do love y0uu <3 - mAc

* mAc - means its an orignial made by mee <3*

all my quotes line up in comic sans ms (size8)
she'z the gurL alL the bad guys want ; )

shes seen alL the cLassicz she kn0ws everyline
breakfast cluB,pretty in pink,even saint elmos
fire ; she rocked out to * wham not a big limp
biskit fan \thawt she'd get a hand on a member
of duran duran = bowling f0r souP - 1985 <333

baBy g0t back =]

hah great times w/ my friends <3
cinderelLa, sn0w white, sleeping beauty. they
all turn out the same the g0od thingz haPpen in
the end all u gotta do is . ' - - w a i t

- - lo0ks kute in comic sans size 8 .. bold the ' and
should b even

l0ve u aLways and 4e <3
, maRissa ' <3 xo0x
`': eVerRtime ii tRy t0 fLy -
<3 \\ i fAlL wiThOut My wings
* [( || i feEl s0o smalL || )]
i geSs i neeD yOu bAbbie

lOokz alot better in cOmic sancs MS (size 8) and if u bold "everytime" underline "small"
bold "need" and put "babbie" in italics