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Quotes by LiVEL0VEx3LAUGH

let's be one of those cliche couples;
the ones who hold hands in line,
kiss each other in the hallway,
& make everyone insanely jealous.
i saw him first. i knew him first. i liked him first. i loved him first. and i told you all of this. you told me i was dumb and that he was ugly. but then, something happened and he asked you out. you said YES, even though you knew i loved him. .. and you’re supposed to be my best friend?

*happend to me. :[
im the type of girl who wishes on 11:11, am or pm. I always wished for the same thing. "All I need is him, just him; always, forever & ever." Is there a certain rule that you can't have the same wish more then once? Or that the wish can't last a minute long or that you can't repeat it several times? Or maybe I just always miss the actual 11:11 time because my clock isn't perfectly set, because if so, that's my reasoning for why he isn't with me anymore, & I'm sticking to it.
And sometimes it isn't. Some people expect things to fall into their lap. Oh, they might work a bit for it. I'll just shake that tree, & if I shake it long enough that pretty red apple will plop right into my hand. Never occurs to them that they might have to climb the damn tree, fall out a couple of times, get some scrapes & bruises before they get to that apple. Because if the apple's worth wanting, it's worth risking a broken neck.
You've gotten so caught up in being alone
that you're afraid of what might happen
if you actually find someone else that
can take you away from it.
--Nicholas Sparks
And he says that he didn't plan
to fall in love with her, but maybe love
isn't something you can plan.

Every drawing that I drew.
Was never ever as cute as you.
yes, i do feel sorry for the next girl you date.
shes your guinea pig. the one you test
yourself out on. the one who reminds you
of every little thing that i did.
That girl's read one too many
summer romance novels.
But she's trying to make up for
the story she never had.