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Hey guys! So I made this account because I was tired of my old one "Emberlullaby". I made this account to help people with depression and suicidal thoughts with my quotes. I'm just saying you are not alone. I was once in your shoes. We all have storys and sometimes they are hard to tell, but life goes on and it will be worth it in the end. I promise.

Quotes by LifeLily

I lost the one person, that meant everything to me...
Faith is knowing that it will get better than this...
You've taken all my fears and reduced them into one: Losing you.
I've lost 
I've been hurt
and almost gave up
I've tossed 
I've turned
been thrown around. 

I learned 
I live
I didn't give up
I breathing
I'm alive 
I'm happy. 
There is a reason why people left you in your past, 
they don't belong in the future. 
I promise to hold on
if you promise to too.
I promse to be there for you
and to keep you strong. 
I'd never let you fall,
and keep you off your knees.
You're my best friend
and thats all we need. 
To the sticks and the stones
the words that been thrown
around like dolls
and the tears that fall
to the butterflies
that hide in the trees
you never once understood
what you ment to me. 

The more time you grow
the more time you spend alone,
soon before you know it
we'd be be perfectly on our own
the citys shining bright
but you don't see the light
how can you concentrate 
on things that don't make you seem right. 
Never say goodbye, it means you're never coming back.