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I won't be using Witty any longer.
So um, I'll be right

Quotes by LikeWoahXKimmi

Someone Tell Me Why I Love Him..

He'll never love me back...


Je Deteste Que Je


Don't Call Me 'Beautiful'

Because Yeah,I Know Your Lieing.


On my way to get him.

sorry. I missed him. 

I've never seen anyone in that much pain. EVER.
I love you Oliver.

I'll see you again soon.

Anyone Have A Tumblr And Feel Like Following Me?

I Follow Back[=

Its been almost a year, and i just thought i would remind you of some things.
All of us loved you, and we still do. Those girls are stupid for doing that to you.
I never got to say goodbye to you, and that kills me more and more each day.
To think i could have stopped you, Makes me feel worse.
Your my hero. I don't care what anyone else has to say. 
You did what you did for a reason.
some of us thought about coming to see you. Im pretty sure all of us have..
But non of us have yet.
Looking at your pictures that are hung on the nails in the living room,
hurts me more than it should.
You were my bestfriend, my hero, my big sister. My life.
Rest Easy Beautiful. ♥
Your the brighest star that i've ever seen.

Standing on your knees so your bestfriend dosn't feel short.

In the end, You'll thank me. But first, lets start with the bad, then we will get better.
Today i got news, like any normal day. But this news made me wonder about Jayde.. for some reason, because i found out what happened, not about Jacy but about what JUST happened today.. And im so, worried for that kid that its not even fair. Oliver, i swere if they come to my door in tears, im never. EVER. going to forgive you. You broke your promise, you told us that you wouldnt leave. But in the end, you did. No one knows what im talking about, i doubt it. So here..
Oliver went over to Iraq..
now, what am i supposed to do? Knowing that the weeks you didnt text us you were really at training? What about Jayde, what about Jacy.. shes in the hospital and you did this to her, where's Jayde supposed to go now. I bet you had a plan, but it dosnt seem that way. I walk to my room, and look at my walls looking at the pictures of all of us. That one night when mom and dad were still alive, all of those pictures..
Just remember,
That we all love you, and it will stay that way. and if they dont? F-CK ALL OF THEM! EVERY SINGLE PERSON! Your my brother, and i love you.