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Quotes by Lil_lamb

It blows my mind how many people don't care about environmental issues because they don't believe that they will ever be impacted by them
crazy how we just let people ruin us
i just feel like i'm never gonna find someone who likes me for me

i've been pretending to be someone else for so long, i've forgotten who i really am
maybe it's not about falling in love with a guy, maybe it's about falling in love with yourself
Friendly reminder to play outside today. Climb a tree. Walk your dog. Jump in a puddle. Enjoy life.
I miss the person I could've been.

I want to disappear and never come back.
"I wish I'd partied a little less. People always say 'be true to yourself.' But that's misleading, because there are two selves. There's your short term self, and there's your long term self. And if you're only true to your short term self, your long term self slowly decays."
I'm so unsatisfied with my life