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Missy L

Yeah... that's me in the image <3 

♥♥♥♥ About me... ♥♥

N A M E: Liliana [Lilly]
A G E: 21 [1990 - 07 - 20]
C O U N T R Y: Portugal
I LOvE TO: Music
♥One Direction♥ Cheerleading ♥♥ Fashion design
I SPEAK: Portuguese, english and french

to know who I am...
Just read my quotes

but... I can be sooo confusing some times, that no one understands me! I love animals & I protect them, they need people to stand up to their right!
I'm single and loving it.
Screw boys.
Screw realtionships.
BUT Maybe one day one boy will get into my life and prove me I'm wrong. (:




Quotes by LillyGurl

I always hide my scars
Whith bracelets, long sleeves and I even draw on my scars so people can't see them.

I 'm gonna let people see my scars now.
I'm tired of all the lies...
yeah I have scars!! and NO it wans't my cat or my dog,
neither it was an accident.


Why am I so stupid?
Even after he broke my heart I still love him -_-'
He doesn't deserve my love.



Where are you when
I need?

Ohhh... too much busy  with other things to
even remember I exist.




       & Because it's when
 it gets

     that I can see clear.




we a l l


to be



Prety prety please
Just give me my
smile Back !



& all I ever asked for
to be happy.




People say that scars are ugly.
i don't agree.
They are proof that the past
is real.

Scars prove that you are
stronger than you think.

 when I met you
I was "dead".
BUT you left me
buried deep Six feet
under screams...


BUT somehow I manage 

         to rise up.
    Now it's time to teach
you a lesson

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