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Missy L

Yeah... that's me in the image <3 

♥♥♥♥ About me... ♥♥

N A M E: Liliana [Lilly]
A G E: 21 [1990 - 07 - 20]
C O U N T R Y: Portugal
I LOvE TO: Music
♥One Direction♥ Cheerleading ♥♥ Fashion design
I SPEAK: Portuguese, english and french

to know who I am...
Just read my quotes

but... I can be sooo confusing some times, that no one understands me! I love animals & I protect them, they need people to stand up to their right!
I'm single and loving it.
Screw boys.
Screw realtionships.
BUT Maybe one day one boy will get into my life and prove me I'm wrong. (:




Quotes by LillyGurl

 I could really use
right now.


i need you now.
Where are you?


I know you didn't

mean it...

but you made

me feel


WorthleSS & hopeless




Love hurts



it's a shame.
When you love someone
so much, that without him
you feel like nothing
worthless and hopeless.

shame on me.


You can't see
the person i can be?
My potential?
My value?

You dont deserve me then.


You  Can  Call  Me


But  Don't  Play  With  Me!

===== </3 =====

I'm not just a doll you get to play with and use
and then trow me away!! -_-'


M y  Problem is . . .

you  are  my  everytHing

and  witHOUt  you

i  have  got   NotHing.



I needed you...


You can see my true colors.
But, you can't see the women 
I can be.

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