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Quotes by LittleCaringFreak

Change the world for the better.. Start by making a difference in one broken child's life and you're already doing it..
That absolutely heart breaking moment when you look as one of your best friends hearts get broken almost exactly the same way yours did little over a month ago and not being able to stop it or make it better..
How to play "hard to get" with the loser that "wants a break" and How to not miss the loser currently breaking your heart, but you love regardless,
p number one: don't text him, if he texts first, wait a day before replying.
Tip number two: if he doesn't text you anyway, find something to do to keep your mind off it, breaking things for art helps.
Tip number three: if this no longer works get yourself the following, wine, chocolate, wine, more wine and did I mention wine? Yeah mix with a dose of heart achingly sad series and you're good to go.
Empty.. Just.. Empty..
"She's got what it takes to make ends meet,
the eyes of a lover that hit like heat.
You know she's a little bit dangerous!" - Roxette
Question for the girls, please comment, am I the only one that has a thing for do*che bags and going for them, thinking they're different, falling madly in love, just to be proven wrong once again??
The greatest pleasure in life, is doing what people say you cannot do.
Brother and I eating ice cream.. "Random slurping sounds"
I hate how, after you've hurt me, me forgiving you but not letting you in ever again, you still manage to make me smile with two, simple words.