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LittleCaringFreak's Favorite Quotes

Stop self diagnosing.

Stop sayin
g you are anorexic

because you skipped a meal.

giving stupid names

like Ana and Mia

to serious mental illnesses

you obviously do not understand.

Stop sayin

you want an eatin
g disorder

and dont pretend to suffer from one...

g disorders are serious

deadly mental illnesses...

You do not want one!

You want a diet or a quick fix.

An eating disorder is not a diet


When I was younger...
   Between ages 12 and 15, I     was really     unhappy.
And I was convinced it would always be that way.
1. I was struggling with depression.
2. My relationship with my parents was toxic.
3. I was self-harming in various ways.
4. I was starving myself for days at a time.
5. I was dealing with a lot of anger issues.
6. Once, I tried to kill myself.
7. I and stopped trying with school.
8. I lied compulsively.
9. I felt like I had no real friends.
10. I used the internet as an escape.
11. I genuinely felt like I hated myself.
12. I gave up on my faith.
13. I made myself throw up meals.
14. I almost ran away from home.
15. I stopped talking to my family.
I seriously thought it would always be like that. There was no light at the end
of the tunnel. No amazing friend or soulmate to pull me through it. No counselling,

no therapy, no support. Nobody knew the full story. They were the hardest four years of my life.
But you know what?
I'm seventeen now. And I very rarely think of that time at all. When I do think
of it, I can only remember the good things, things that I couldn't see were so important:
holidays I loved; memories with my little brother; talking online with my best friend;
obsessing over the weather and drawing a billion charts for no reason at all. The depression,
the pain, the darkness -- that's all really fuzzy. It's kind of like a dream, and if I hadn't gone
through it myself, I wouldn't look at who I am now and believe that it really happened.
Because not one thing on that list applies to me anymore. I'm happy. I love my family more
than anything. I have hobbies I obsess over, friends I would take a bullet for. I'm completely
happy with how I look and the fact that I'm overweight (secretely because my younger
siblings say it makes me really comfortable to sleep on during long car journeys)
The point is... I went through that. I thought it would never stop being like that,
but it did, and I did get better, and now I'm really happy with who I am and where I am.
I got better. It ended. So I hope anyone who's reading this right now (for whatever reason)
understands that if they're going through what feels like hell, and they can't see the way out:

It doesn't last forever, you'll get through this,

& you will be okay.

(I think this is the most personal quote I've ever written. I hope it helps someone.)


I wonder whose arms I'd fall into
If I were drunk and alone
With the only two men I've ever loved.
I wonder who I'd choose, 
Who my heart would choose.
This quote does not exist.
I won't like your quotes if you mix up you're and your. Same goes with there, their and they're. Just get it right, fxcking hell. -.-

normal person flirting:
"You know you're cute, we should hang out sometime"

me flirting:
"So do you like bread?"
I just spent the past hour
strategically playing my ps3
game, only to run out of ammo
Like, I'm going to have
to go stand in the line of fire just
so I die and my game resets to right
before the ambush. And, I mean,
that isn't that far, at all.. but I WAS
It took
forever to slowly lure my enemies
to me to their inevitable demise.
Like, I'm horrible when it comes
to ranged weapons on video 
games, so slowly having them 
come to me was important vs.
going in shooting everything up
like a mad man, important and
.UCKING AMMO. idk, I'm tired,
I have a headache, I fancy a soda
(soda that I do not posess at this
moment in time, but none-the-less, fancy),
and this may mean diddly squat to you but 
this is like a huge slap in the face, man.

lol nah, I'll most likely delete this because
no one cares. pretty pointless but yknow
I have no friends to express my frustration
to, so f.ucking deal (in a nice way.)

my new years resolution is to not fall in love with every boy who's nice to me.

Girls on their period period 
Uterus:Oh, so, no baby?
Girl:No -
Va.gina:*unleashes red sea*
Pad:I'm not cleaning that up.
Ovaries:Oh, our turn? My bad, here~
Junk Food:Don't listen to the cramps, you do want us
Chocolate:No me
Acne:Wow, this face looks like a great spot to settle down
Va.gina:I can do better, hold up
Va.gina:*Niagara Falls*
Pad:You still missed.
Lower Back:Whoa, am I late? Haha, hope you don't plan on sitting in this position too long.
2013 is almost over and
-I lost no weight
-didn't learn anything
-haven't made an effort to save money
-still ugly