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Quotes by LittleeOneexo

And, I'd give up foreve
T o t o u c h y o u, c u s I k n o w t h a t y o u f e e l m e s o m e h o w .
youre the closest to heaven that i'll ever be
And I dont want to go home right no

She said I wonder when, it's my day.
Cus I'm not to far from breaking down. 
All I've got are screams inside, 
but somehow they come out in a smile. 
& I wonder if I'll always feel this way.
This wa-ay.

You wont find this song on youtube. You'll barely see it anywhere. But it is one hell of a song. Comment on my profile if you want to know where to find this song. 

What If...
[y o u ] could save a life.
would you help or would you ignore it 
m a y b e y o u d o n t k n o w t h e p e r s o n
  Just Walk Away..
[And don’t look back, Cus if my heart breaks it’s gonna hurt so «bad».]

A girl & boy.


He turns to face her, grabbing her other hand asking her what’s wrong. She shook her head & said:

“It’s just this boy. He’s perfect and I would be lost without him. But it feels like he’s too good for me, I don’t know why. He’s just the most amazing person anyone could ever meet. He’s got this hair that always falls perfectly, eyes you could drown in. But that’s not why I love him. I love him cus  he’s always there for me when I need him, and even if I don’t he just holds my hand and walks silently beside me. I just hate that I’m going through hell and he has to come along with me. My life’s a mess, but he still stands by me and tries to understand. I guess sometimes I just think that one day he’s going to disappear. And I don’t know how I’d deal with that. He’s the most perfect person I have ever met. I guess I just need to know that he loves me like I love him.” Looking up at him for the first time she sees the boy smiling down at her. He leans in to kiss her only pulling away to say three words.

"he loves you." 



Today, my friend and I went to a wax museum. We decided to pretend to be wax figures and see if people would notice we were real. After scaring a few people, one of them had gotten security to come kick us out. Security never found us

MLIA brightens up my day! :) 

 Today, my dance instructor kept getting mad about our head snaps not being sharp enough. She then screamed " Give me more head!" The whole team laughed. I am glad my peers are as immature as I am.

MLIA brightens up my day! :) 

 Today, after reading several MLIA's on the battle between Yahoo and Google, I decided to participate. I decided to type in "Dinosaurs are" 

Yahoo said "Dinosaurs are not real" Google said "Dinosaurs aren't extinct they're just hiding". I think we all know who won this round.

MLIA brightens up my day! :) 

 O R R Y

So what happens when sorry just doesn’t cut it anymore? When sorry can’t take away the pain that you caused, can’t heal the scars on her arms, can’t mend her broken heart? She won’t ever get back the times she sat on her bed crying her eyes out over you, wishing you would just walk up to her and kiss her, tell her that it was a misunderstanding, tell her you love her. But you couldn’t do that. You wouldn’t risk making yourself look ‘uncool’. But that girl loves you more than any other girl ever could. So in the end it’s your loss. But she wears her heart in her sleeve so it seems to her that it was all her fault. She cries about you every night while you’re off partying, or out with your friends. She cries about you when she sees you with that girl. That girl that was once her best friend. You didn’t only break a heart but you ruined a friendship. A bond so tight, that only true pain could come between it. And you took it all away from her. Now she’s left with nothing. You have her. You have your friends. 

Y O U  W N