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Tell me you love me,
and I'll be yours forever �
Hey guys thanks for dropping in on my  profile (:
So im guessing if your still reading you want to hear some stuff about me? Yeah well im pretty boring so sorry :( But im 13 years young, ugly as shit and i have amazing friends....sometimes.. My name? Tashi . Theres this website i know...not sure you know it but its really amazing. um Yeah i it helps me through like everything in life. You should check it out sometime. Im pretty much your average teen, i hate lots of things i have many flaws, i cry myself to sleep and im often depressed, but sometimes...sometimes lifes alright :)
My friends would say im crazy and wierd. They are right. 
im into, hockey, surfing, running, photography, and food. 
Feel free to drop a comment or fave a quote if you're feeling KEEN.

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your my object of effection, my drug of choice my sick obsession
p.s weenie wee warren its over

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1. Grab my waist
2. Pull me closer
3. Kiss me
I don't know why everyone hates me so much...

But maybe i do, because now i hate me too.


keeyonur chat Ueven  though
i know you will  never want to talk to me.


keeyonur chat Ueven  though
i know you will  never want to talk to me.


>>I think I have more of a chance;
finding waldo, then a boyfriend......................♥


where the hell did i save
glongedngakighlahhgdhfuhtdckhhtgfsegfsunfsdfseraa blsgagnkgfdaet!dafgnfeaexgjgh

>>A tear is made of:
1% Water and
99% feelings...

a reason to smile.
and what is that?


>>Sign your in love:
- you read his texts over and over
-you walk really slow when you're with him
-While thinking about him your heart beats faster
-When he says something cute your tummy flutters
-You get butterflies when he's around
-Just listening to his voice you smile for no
-He becomes all you think about
-As soon as you get into bead you make up scenes with him in your head
-You hug your pillow thinking of him
-Everything reminds you of him

Although no name was mentioned HE came into mind.


the main reason

why a girl needs a dad,
is to show her that not all boys 

»»»are like the ones that are

going to hurt her