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I hate Sundays -.-'
Heey! Waddup? Well, the name's Ljupka (I know you can't pronounce it), just call me Lj ;). I'm from Macedonia (I know you don't know where that is), Europe :). I'm 14 and you better send me things on november 20th. lol jk. I love music and dancing&I am OBSESSED with The Weeknd <3. I'm a freshman in high school and plan on becoming an English and Italian teacher. I hate school (who doesn't?) and I LOVE my best friend. She gets me and I wouldn't be able to survive without her. I eat&talk too much and am obsessed with makeup. I'm on here to give advice, vent and just have fun. If you need someone to talk to I'm your girl and I would love to help out. I love meeting new people so just comment on my profile so we can get to know each other :). Nobody's probably gonna get to this part of this little 'About me' thingy, but if you did I appreciate it. Hope you enjoy. TEEHEE! P.S.NONE OF THE FORMATS I USE ARE MY OWN! o sorry if I forget to put a 'nmf' somewhere in there.
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Quotes by Lj97

I'm turning 15 today
Sometimes I think I'd rather get a bladder infection than go to the toilet when I'm in the middle of reading quotes...


'Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90 ...
time is a concept that humans created'

-Yoko Ono

Number of people that find me attractive: 0
Number of people that find my best friend attractive: 3,835,356,014


When something bad happens, you have three choices

You can either let it define you, let it destroy you or let it strenghten you.


I need to stop looking for the things I want.
I need to let everything fall into place naturally.

I need to stop trying to make things happen.
I need to stop over analyzing.
I need to stop worrying.
I need to stop thinking.

It's not about forcing happiness,
it's about not letting sadness win.
Friend: Hey! Wanna hang out?
Me: Sorry, I'm busy creating perfect scenarios in my mind that will never come true.
Let your pain make you better, not bitter.

Kinda long, but please read.
I'm looking to form a group of young girls that are trying to lose weight. I, myself want to lose some weight and I know it's very hard. So, to get through it a lot easier we need a good support system and that is what this group will be.
We will motivate each other, help each other out, give each other tips etc.
I hope I can find someone who is interested :)