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Hey my names Kelsey Im a Girl! People know me by K.K. or other spelled Kay Kay, Im 13 yrs. have brown hair, blue eyes and im about 5'2" i love just writing poetry, stories and a whole bunch of other stuff i love hanging-out with all my friends and being wild and funn!!! well thats mostly me! Love Ya'll K.K.

Quotes by LoVe_4_eVa

Believe in who you are
Believe in what you can do
Believe me Baby its all
>>AbouT YoU!<<
Going Out
Tha 2nd time
Must be a ChArM
cause thats the
time i finally
MoVe On->
Don't blame yourself.
It was everyone around you
who made you act this way.
There's the stage
and your chance
to watch it go down.
those feelings that' are the
most painful are those
ones that nobody can explain,
no quote can describe, and no tears or
smiles can make them go away.
they`re the ones that hurt the
deepest the ones that last
the longest and take
forever to forget about.
it's okay to need each other. that's what makes us strong. that's what makes us human..
When you're down i may not be able to pick you back up but i promise i'll be willing to lay right down next to you
Maybe you have to be grateful for the time that you spend together, stop holding on to what could have been.
maybe my heart didnt really skip a beat. and maybe the twinkle in your eye was just the sun reflecting weird. and maybe that feeling in my stomache was just not having enough for breakfast. and maybe I just thought it was love
its not about love, its about what youre willing to do for it.
there are times when i wanna be free, flirting & able to do whatever; yeah that's me. but then there are times when i get lonely. when i want someone to hug me, kiss me, simply love me