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im jessssssssssssica
i'm a million year old girl that lives in potts point in sydnaaaaaaay
and i don't like you

Quotes by Lockets

K? K what? The letter before L, the letter after J?
Did you know that in JK,    K stands for "Kidding".

So your reply is "Kidding"? Or K as in Potassium?
Do you need some Special K in breakfast? K, as

in I can K/O you?    Can I knock you out and feed
you to hungry sharks
?            Sharks has K in it.

Blow kisses,

Not guys.                      ///////////////////////////

Before you say 'I love you',
♥          think of what it may cost you..   .          ////////////////

You missed your chance.

I used to get nervous and all when I saw your face, but I'm over that now. The thing
//////////      is, you decided to be cool with your friends and then you come crawling
back to me. Sorry, boy, but it's not going to work this time. I learned alot from you.
[][]  You made me stronger, and you gave me more faith in myself as a person.
I'm not going to depend on you for happiness, I'm going to go out there and fight for
You had me, but you took it for granted. You're a little too late.         ///////////

Just two hearts,

wishing they took the same risk. ///////////////////////////

How many 'I told you's'' & 'startover's' & shoulders, 
Havyocried before
 How many promises,
be honest girl,
How many

  tearyou let hit the foor?

you and me baby ain't nothin' but mammal,
so lets do it like they do on the discovery channel ;)

She's got the eyes of innocence.
 - - - - - - - - - - >          The face of an angel. A personality of a dreamer__________*
And a smile that hides more pain than you can ever imagine.
"Why are you so sweaty?"
"I was just watchin cops."