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i think im going to die over the next two weeks because ill have no wifi , that means no witty no facebook no twitter no you tube and i wont have any i pod and that means no music or tv ,
im going to irish college for the next two weeks , pray for me.........
i wish people were like money...
because then all you would have to do
is hold them up to the light to see if there
real or not !
okay so i was on youtube the other day and i heard this song and was so good id really like if ye listened to it .
its called rebelz by mariah parks and bbthejerk
pretty pretty please with cherries on top
visit my blog and comment on stuff it
would mean alot to me ! :) the link is thanks sososososo much
i love all of ye
so like this morning
i decided to
make a

to kind of say whats
on my mind
sort of like
a diary .

i would actually mean alot to me if
you guy might visit

heres the name:


and if you do like it please tell
your friends and
stuff to go check
it out

once again thanks so much ! <3
bold all that apply

  I'm female
my hair is naturally brown
I like pizza

i am british
my favourite colour is Purple
my second favourite colour is Blue or Pink
i am afraid of heights
my favourite food is italian food
I love walking in the rain
I have a pet cat

Total so far: 5
My hair is below my shoulders
I have a boyfriend
i cant drive and dont want to either
my favourite icecream flavour is mint choc chip
I empathic - I feel other peoples emotions

I am afraid of dummies/dolls/puppets/robots etc
I've had 3 serious boyfriends so far
I have 2 sisters
I have 0 brothers
I had a twin but it died before I was born

total so far: 9
I will try almost anything once
the sound of the hoover/vacuum makes me go to sleep
my parents are still togeter
I have a sibling I don't get along with very much

I have green eyes
I can't watch anyone suffer even people I don't like
I listen to music for the lyrics and their meaning more than anything else

I am a contradiction I can be two exact opposites both at the same time
Abuse of any sort infuriates me considerably

total so far:16

I have really small feet
people often misunderstand me or believe false rumours about me
I've been victim to prejudice
my father has or does work in a law related job i.e. prison officer, police, drug rehab etc
my mum is a carer or nurse
I wish I could be a abnormal psychology studier and criminal psychologist
I have a sight problem
my house is near the sea
I am fascinated by Urban Legends and scary stories in general

total so far:17

I find it hard to trust people
I'm a lover, not a fighter but if you push me, I can turn into the latter

I look younger than I am
I act or used to act older than i am
I am relatively pale
more than one guy is currently vying for my love/attention even though I'm in a relationship
I am afraid of nobody really liking me
I love taking quizzes, doing surveys and learning new trivia
the motto I live by is treat others how you'd like to be treated yourself

total so far:24
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got a secret can you keep it
swear this one you'll save
better lock it in your pocket
taking this one to the grave
if i show you
then i know
you wont tell what i said
because two can keep a secret
if one of them is

fav if you know where its from
omg does anyone remember this poem/song thing when they were younger.....

pepsi cola went to town
coca cola knocked him down
dr.pepper picked him up
now we're drinking 7up
7up got the flue
now we're drinking mountain gew
mountain gew fell of the mountain
now we're drinking from the fountain somehow brooke
now we're drinking cherry coke
cherry coke lost the cherry
now we're drinking logan berry
logan berry said oh dear
now we're drinking rootbeer
rootbeer what a joke
now we're going back to
the meaning of think


nmq but i thought its really nice