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:Hello everyone,i'm so sorry i haven't been on for a while,i got busy with school

and other sites,if you're reading this right now,i want you to know that i love you

you're beautiful,and if i ever did anything to you,i'm very sorry,i know i won't

be remembered,but if you were one of these people who always talked to me and

posted comments on my profile,you've made me smile,i love every single one of you

and i'm sorry again 

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    virginity when he was 14, yeah he rocked someone in 09


Imagine Louis replacing Harry in the 1D Pepsi

Drew: C'mon Kid, I'm Drew Brees
Louis: EXCUSE ME? Do you KNOW who I am ?
I'm Louis, the Tommo, Tomlinson.I don't appreciate you talking to me like that.
*shakes Pepsi and sprays it on Drew*Pea.ant
*snaps fingers in Z formation,walks away with all his sass*
How I explain a conversation:
I was like- then she was like- then I was like- and she was like-


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If exams had a ''Phone A Friend'' option


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DeaMermaids ,
                                     How do you have babies?


Mom: Are you going to say hi or what?
Jenna: what.



just had a slushy,my tongue is blue
mine is red

let's make purple ;)

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                                            I'd sleep on a marshmallow.


My   favorite   types   of   hugs

Tight Hugs.The ones where they just hug you 
super tight with no words. 
Unexpected Hugs.The ones where you're just doing 
your own thing and they come from behind you
and hug you unexpectedly.
Lift Up Hugs.The ones where you run up to them,
and they have their arms all wide,and you just run up
to them and you lift your legs and they carry
Spinning Hugs.The ones where they hug you and 
spin you aroung in circles.


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