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I'm still learning new things about myself. I write when I can, I'm sorry for the spam, but not really.

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Quotes by Dudu*

I love making him laugh. His face lights up in the most angelic way. Too cute.
One day at a time. Let's do the most for today and carry on what is left for the next day. We can make time. Let's just carry on, get through this one. No need to think too far.
My love. It's all free for you.
friendships have always been my achilles heel. something that has always pained me. always in different ways. when i was younger, i had none. now i have too many. too many but it feels like none. and i hate that it bothers me.
i promise that i will only allow good people who leave a kind impression to stay in my life. my life isn't some VIP destination that everyone wants in on, and i won't try and convince myself of that anyway. but still. it's my life. i can be picky.
i have to live with it afterall.
There's nothing more attractive than ambition. 
I go back and forth between thinking I'm too mean or too nice. I've decided. I'm way too nice. Like annoyingly nice. It would help to be a little meaner. It's silly. Being resilient, having standards for myself, others always made it into a bad characteristic. When I said no, I was being mean. When I finally snapped, you had the audacity to ask if my bad mood was because of my period. How conceited does someone have to be to not think for a second that maybe I was "in a bad mood" because of them? I still don't understand how being confident in things I'm good at, is me being up myself, or thinking I'm better than others. It all seems like deflecting. And maybe being mean is the best thing for me.
It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally cutting the ropes. Let go now whilst you're not too far off the ground. I'm not holding onto you anymore.

Captured in my memory, all of it. After a glimpse I had to catch my breath, because, you do what you do. Beautiful, that's how I'll remember you. Because there's no other way. Just you, everything about you, was truly beautiful. Captured, you come to me in flashes. I try, I try my best to smile because, you...it's always been you. You made the hard parts bearable. Even hanging up, even turning away; they're all beautiful memories you made for me. So thank you, for every glimpse you let me steal. It made my heart race in the most beautiful way.

I never keep my promises, it's not my fault, it's always someone else's. I'll never tell you when it hurts, just shout louder till you listen. Later on I'll cry alone. Tell you a little about it but never enough. I'll say I was annoyed, never that I was hurt. I'll tell you I don't want to speak to you anymore. Not mentioning how you never listened. You envy everything I have. What do you even know about what I have? You think I have it easy. What a carefree thought. The more you know. The more it'd hurt. Why does it always go back to that one word. Hurt.