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 *I'm not entirely sure why but I feel the need to put a disclaimer here telling you that I'm a little (very) melodramatic. But I'm okay. That is all.

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Quotes by Hoodski*

Thank you is a hard word to say I think.

i always wanted someone who knew everything.
someone who i could text whenever,
without feeling like a nuisance.

i always wanted a real friend.
i didn't know by just how much i needed all this,
and so much more,
until you came along.

It's different with you, I'm different with you.
I feel light with you. I'm at ease.
No heavy shoulders. No unstable heartbeat.
Just at ease. Thank you.
Even when I'm with my friends I'm lonely. I don't want to see them anymore, why do they still want to see me? Even when I'm with my friends, I'm unhappy. Why do I still feel unhappy? Even when I'm laughing with friends, I'm wishing I was somewhere else. Probably just in bed. Probably just asleep. Even with friends, I still feel like this. I've been distancing myself, pushing them away. Why do they still want to be with me, even when I'm showing clear signs that I can't keep this up anymore.
I hang on every word you say. I don't know how you made me this way, but if I look into your eyes long enough, I'd fall in. Don't give me that coy smile, I'll pass out. Why are you so magnetic? It's not fair. Who let you look that pretty? When you reach for my hand, I still blush. When will these girly feelings subside? When you lean in my heart skips a beat, why are you trying to kill me? I need my heart, give it back. Don't bite your lips, I've banned you from doing that. I hate it, I hate it. Who taught you that? It's embarrassing...it's embarrassing how it affects me. So no more of that. Who let you be that handsome? Why do I still blush when we're up against a corner? Don't smile at me so wide, my head hurts. Don't get too close, I might puke from the cuteness. Don't call me late at night, I might be stupid enough to give in, you loser. You've got me under some love spell, give me the remedy. Hypnotised or cursed, I'm still not sure, but...oh God, I love you.
I let you in and you open up to me. You let me in and I open up to you. I love the feeling of getting to know you. Time doesn't matter, it stops for just us. I love opening up to you. I want you to know me better. I want you to know everything. I want to be with you, always. I never want to leave when we're together like this. Let's go on for another hour. I want to stay like this. Tell me more about your passions. Peel away the layers, tell me your fears. I love it when we're one like this. Let's just stay like this. Time has stopped for the both of us. I love opening myself up to you. I let you in and you make it all better. All that's happened doesn't matter. Whatever will happen doesn't matter. Just keep your phone off and eyes on mine. Let's go on for another hour.
I woke up to a late night text saying you missed my face. I told you I saw you earlier in class, but you still missed me. You had a long day, you wanted to cuddle. I laughed and told you good night. I got a whiny call the next minute after. I couldn't help giggling, I probably sounded so annoyingly smitten. I hung up and was there in the next ten minutes or so. I'm easily persuaded when it's you. I can drop anything when it's for you. I'm wrapped around your finger, I'd do anything for you. No lie, I'd do it all if you need me to. But don't get too cocky, I've got you good too. I love making you the small spoon because it's funny, you pretend you're doing it for me, but I know you like feeling tiny. You're so cozy. You're so cool. I'd never shower you with this many compliments if I was in front of you. I'd call you a needy loser, while hugging you closer. Ah, I hate you.
I showed up at your door, it was a late Sunday afternoon. You were probably on a break from studying when you answered the door. I still remember your face. Your eyes grew so wide as you took me in. I was a crying mess. To you, is where I always find comfort. Your arms are the best remedy to a bad day. Thank you for wiping my tears, thank you for making it better. I didn't even call ahead, I should have, but you didn't mind. You pretended you had all the time in the world. We stayed up all night, just talking. I wish you would have told me you had a test the next morning. You listened to each word and when you didn't have the answers you just hugged me tighter. Thank you for that. I'm sorry you did badly on your test. I should have called ahead of time.
I was reading through my past quotes and I probably come across so bi-polar. I'm mentally stable lmao.
I get all soft with you. My guard is only down when I'm with you. Four walls, locked doors and just us two. I feel most happy when I've got you. If I was forced to read this to you, I wouldn't be able to get a word out without making fake vomit sounds. We don't really do cute, but you're adorable. And I like writing about you.