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This turned into my diary somehow.

i have a black dog. 

I'm still learning new things about myself.  I'm sorry for the spam.

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Quotes by Dudu*

i'm in the palm of your hand.
you're telling me off for something again.

i really need to get it together,
cause all i'm thinking about is that cute nose.
and all it would take is one difficult day and i'm back to square one.
i'll trail behind you today, please pretend you don't notice.
i'll be extra distant today, please pretend you don't notice.
i'm just embarassed, that's all.
i only wanted to show you the pretty sides of me, 
but today i'm feeling like my old self.
how i spent my morning.
lonely in a crowded room.
averting eyes and questions.
nodding along and politely smiling.
glancing at twitter to help time fly faster.
stiff neck from looking down too long.
sore knees from taking the long way round...out of anyone's way.
making mistakes. endlessly apologising. coming home. soothing myself.
i miss you too much to be mad anymore.
when i think about it, i still get nervous.
i'll believe things always work out for me.
life now happens for me and not to me.
positive thoughts and intentions.
but i'll be honest with myself.
my chest feels heavy from time to time.
an anxious thought rests on my chest then leaves when it's ready.
this time too, i know it will subside. just wish it would never settle here to begin with.
 dandellion seeds dispersing
at the breath of a child
who only knows delight.

even more so than the seeds and the child,
You'll know more freedom than them both.


i'm curious.
exactly what type of feeling do you get when we casually meet eyes?
exactly how do you feel when we hold hands?
exactly what are you thinking when our lips touch?

i'm so curious.


okay baby?

jonghyun ; i'm so curious
so i fill my day with things that make me happy. now when i see you once, i want to see you twice. if twice then once more then another after that.

i'd been stagnant like this for so long. i didn't know i was capable of such warm thoughts.


Like a kid who doesn't know herself yet,

i just

I'm kinda like a fan of you
and everything you do.