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 *I'm not entirely sure why but I feel the need to put a disclaimer here telling you that I'm a little (very) melodramatic. But I'm okay. That is all.
I'm writing a bad good book.

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Complicated is not my style, but if I'm honest,
it always has been.
How could I have known it would end this way? It always starts the same, but the feeling is always new and exciting. I couldn't keep my eyes off of you at first. I loved the fresh conversations and discovering more about you. Looking into your big brown eyes and smiling, feeling oh so smitten. But then it got tiring. It got boring. You didn't get boring, stop blaming yourself. Blame me instead, I'm a bad person. I can take it. But you're too kind for me...what on earth did you see in me? Why can't you leave without second glances? This is for your own good, before I get selfish again, leave. I lied before. I knew it would end this way, it always does. But each time there's a voice that tells me maybe it won't, and then there's your voice telling me maybe we can fix it. That this is just some rough patch. A small bump in the road that I for some reason have never been able to get over...do you see how belittling that sounds? If it was that simple, I would have been patched up just fine by now. No cracks or scars to show any damage. All cool and under control. If that was the case I'd still be with the person I was with before you. Have you ever thought of that? No of course not. I haven't either. 
Ill make myself out to be the bad guy, because that's what I always was. I didnt realise until I had pushed you too far. I don't like seeing you upset, I don't like making you cry. Please stop with the phone calls, and 'accidental' run ins. Yes I'm avoiding you. No, it's not your fault. I was happy you loved me. But it was always too much.
Wrapped around my finger, you were always my most favoured toy. Yo yo, don't stray too far, or I'll yank on the string. I can't imagine a life without my most favoured friend. Don't look anywhere else, just keep your gaze on me. Didn't you say you liked this bad look on me? 
I can't change but stay with me. I don't want you to get hurt but stay with me. It'll only get worse from here on out but don't you leave. Stick to me like glue like you've always done. I can't change myself. You once loved me like this, so let's stay like this. You'll only get hurt, but press up against me. Locked lips, full of regret, but don't move an inch. Deep sighs and caged thoughts, a twisted love story, but isn't this love? Don't leave because I need you. Isn't this love? Don't leave because I want you. Then what is love.
I used to like having a full heart. But now...now it just feels heavy.
She was like spring...but not in the flowery way. In the sense that she was sun one second then dreadfully sad the next day. Tears filling her eyes, filling up the lakes. She bloomed every once in a while, but it was never enough. Spring was always a confusing time. But I just wish she knew what she wanted, before summer took her away on that dreadfully sad day.
What good is crying, you ask? I'll tell you what. It doesn't fix the problem. You surprised, I knew that? But what does it do? -- It gives me something to do while I'm upset. It's a release of pent up emotions. & a very human response to any given amount of sadness. So that's the use of crying. It doesn't put food on the table, or fill the piggy bank. But it sure does help bring some of my sanity back.
Quit using all those big words, it's just you and I. Are you mad or angry? I'm sick of the long decorated sentences. Who are you trying to impress? Answer me with three syllables or less. Let's get to the point, I'm done with all these detours. Is it done, are we dusted? I need to know plain and simply. I think I've heard that word before, but I can count the times on one finger. I shouldn't be trying to recall what it means, stop putting up another boundary. My words have a rigid flow, I don't know where this is going. Let's use basic words that an eight year old would understand. "Do you still like-like me?" or should we just bury it in the sand. Okay, this isn't going anywhere, I forgot that I fell for a thesaurus. We're not lost in translation, we speak the same language. You are obviously a class way too high for a peasant like me. So okay, I'm done. I'll be the first one to leave.
Precious. That is what you are. Too good for this world, let me take away your scars. Precious. Just a precious little bun. Spitting out sorrys like it's your native tongue. Precious. I wish you didn't always have to tread so lightly, or live every moment of your full life so apologetically. You're just too precious, how'd you get so nice? Wish you had a least one mean bone in your body, or learnt how to tell lies. When we meet again I'll hold you so tight. Tell you meaningless words like "it'll be alright". Because you're just so precious, and I love you too much. You're an angel in human form, that's the only way to put it. I want to be your shield and protect you from everything that isn't nice. Tie a ribbon round your head, cover your eyes. Precious, too good for this world, that is what you are.