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This turned into my diary somehow.

i have a black dog. 

I'm still learning new things about myself.  I'm sorry for the spam.

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Quotes by Dudu*

holding onto the hands of time and begging him to stay.
tears that rarely fell are coursing down his face.
a memory of a man who smiles with his teeth is fading fast.
hunched posture, shaking shoulders.
all it will take is time and he will be whole again.
warm porridge, a hot bath, fresh pajamas.
i won't take my eyes off of him. i'll tuck him in.
wrinkles that were deepset are easing away.
blanket rises and falls with every breath he takes.
i hope he's dreaming a beautiful dream.
with his eyes closed, finally i cave.
quietly, slowly and with purpose.
when i am smiling naturally like this. laughing so earnestly.
in photos, the happiness even reaches my eyes.

realising i am capable of such emotions.
for a fleeting moment, i think to myself.

I’m not used to seeing myself like this.
the trail of your compliments lead to this hide out. each step towards it makes me more nervous. yet still, there's a flutter in my tummy and a smile on my face. the thrill of it all, the secrets we make. words we'll never tell and stories that can remain just ours. i grip your hand tightly as we walk inside. a roof, four walls and the two of us. soon you'll start saying dreamy things. i'll nod along like i always do. the sky is green if you say so. i guess you've got me good.
when all of you knows all of me
and when all of you accepts all of me.
like a hug from a mother who has loved you unconditionally.
like a comfort meal that spreads warmth from your belly to your extremities.
exactly how do i stop myself from falling into you?
will it hurt again or will this time be different? i hope there's no awkward moments or time for silence. i hope i can be at peace and truly happy. i hope i can look back on the day and let it become a good memory. i want to be the type of person who enjoys company. i don't want to dread. i don't want to regret. i will make it perfect.
every chance i get, i just want to run to you.
my life seems to be a series of laughter and doing things i don't want to.
in my dreams we're finishing a conversation we haven't started yet.
i'm scared of everything i have worked for amounting to nothing. in one cold sweep, a wind could take it all. i keep my head down. gravel beneath my knees keeping my senses on high alert. the fear of it all being for nothing, i bury it for a while. i will meet it at a dead end street. when i turn this back on myself and fall to my knees again. i will face this thought more frequently until it is tame. until the pulse beneath my fingers has settled.
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