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This turned into my diary somehow.

i have a black dog. 

I'm still learning new things about myself.  I'm sorry for the spam.

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Quotes by Dudu*

you only ever noticed the things that didn't matter.
for not knowing me well enough, i hated you.
watching the same scene on repeat.
i realised the other day the reason why it comforts me.
it appeared in a series of flashes.

i'm still searching for something like that.
i want the same story told in a slightly different way. 
to see how someone else saw it all. i'm curious.
to understand how others feel in a similar situation.
to know if my reaction was normal.

harmless fiction where it's all an act.
from the comfort of my bed, i play it again.

it must be the invisible string between us.
i feel it tug at my lips whenever you smile at me.

no i won't make friends with change.
i get a bit nervous. yeah, i get a bit nervous now.
but when it gets hard, i get a little stronger now.
i get a little braver now.
before i give my heart away.

i'll admit i almost fall for it at times. sweet bliss and the thrill of breaking my rules. but i've taken this path before and i don't wanna go there anymore. the flutter in my tummy became an ache. that disorder took too much away from me. it wasn't just food. i'm realising all the other opportunities i starved myself of. i just didn't know it then. i still get tempted but never again.

 that's how break ups are;
hating you like crazy while hoping you
get home safe.

that's how break ups are;
wishing you  the best but hoping you 
won't find better. 

and oh how i regret you.
darling, let's go on a long drive. i got a lot on my mind, but i ain't in the mood to say much. we can pull over if you get tired and i can take the wheel. tell me about your day or play that album you like lately. i wanna hear it on repeat. i just want an excuse to have you next to me.
i said these loose ends need mending
you're playing jump rope with my feelings.
i said these loose ends need mending,
i always have to repeat myself when i'm with you.
and i've seen how this unfolds,
in my dreams i'm feeding you the most poetic lines.
but in reality you speak like you've always done.
you're kind but you're not there when it counts.
you're mother but not when it counts.
i'm in the palm of your hand.
you're telling me off for something again.

i really need to get it together,
cause all i'm thinking about is that cute nose.
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