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This turned into my diary somehow.

i have a black dog. 

I'm still learning new things about myself.  I'm sorry for the spam.

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Quotes by Dudu*

dark cat eyes with a dimple smile.
my type of humour and kind heart to match.
i feel myself fall for your charms more and more with each passing day.
perhaps I saw it all along but was taught to think otherwise.
is it cringey or is it just about time?
i am learning to love myself more as i grow older.
i made mistakes, i made progress.
i hated this person, now i'm growing to love her.
she's been trying her best all along
so finally i cut her some slack.
this is our first life anyway.
how could i expect perfection when the path ahead wasn't even set?
i'm laughing each day
and feeling comfortable enough to joke around
like i used to when i was more carefree.

it's harder and i'm busier than ever
but i've never had this much support
or been surrounded by this many good people.

i will always find the dark side, but i need to give credit where it's due.
i am living a good life right now.
i wasted away another day.
who would i be if i stuck to all my plans?
is it it is self sabotage or simply life getting in the way.
i can't keep making excuses for myself,
i wasted another day. 

i miss a version of myself that has never existed. the one who is bright and confident and loves herself enough to know better than to stick around. 

i wanna get away and pretend it was all a bad dream.I WANNA Pack my bags and wake up in a world where you're waking up next to me.


it has been hard.
my heart still aches.
hate that you don't ask me how i am.
hate that you only like me when i'm happy.
hate that you expect me to shoulder everything.
hate that you can't see the full picture.
hate that you can't fix this for me.
hate that you couldn't see through me.
hate that you were never there for me.
hate that you weren't enough for me.
hate that you still care about me.
hate that you still have power over me.
hate that you chose them over me.
hate that you pointed out all the things i hate about me.
hate that you taught me all the things that make life harder for me.
hate that you expect so much and do so little for me.
hate that you still cook my favourite meals for me.

i miss him already
it's so lame.
it won't be the same
without you.
so what we gonna do, babe?
do what you want.
but there's a lot at stake.

what should i do, babe?

there's no right or wrong answer
but i can't make a mistake.

choosing between peace and patience,
sanity and perserverance.
should i just be selfish?

but you're not being selfish.

eitherway i'm afraid and confused.
with each passing month my decisions become more serious.
i guess i'm really grown up now.
my decisions carry more weight now.
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