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This turned into my diary somehow.

i have a black dog. 

I'm still learning new things about myself.  I'm sorry for the spam.

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Dudu*'s Favorite Quotes

A rose petaled bath in Paris, a view of the Eiffel Tower against the sky through the window, classical music softly playing from another room. A long shimmering white robe, moonlight, and internal peace. 

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when I want to hurt myself, I just think of the ways someone could love me. 
my imagination can float through the clouds,
but when its time to come down..

its a crash landing.

maybe it was difficult for me, i just didn't know it then.
i must have struggled. it must have been so hard.
i was doing so well, i just didn't realise it.
perhaps i was more hurt than i thought.
deep down i wanted you to congratulate me.
instead you said, "you've ruined yourself."
i blocked it out but thought about it over and over.
2 years on and i still think about it often.
things must have been really difficult for me then.
when it was all that made me happy,
when i was in that fragile state,
you didn't have to use those words.
you didn't actually have to congratulate me.
you didn't have to look at me like that.


                   ust because someone treats you                    right doesn't mean they're the one.
        they're just doing what they're supposed to do.


Get out of my head, my heart is tired. 

soon you'll be able to sleep well again. the sadness will be swept away in one blow. you'll eat proper meals from now on too. everything will fall at your feet. a new sun will embrace you, a new moon will watch over you. soon a spark will light up in your chest and you'll forget all the bad things. as i stroke your cheek and hold you close, i can't help but think how natural this is. of course even at this parting, comforting you is a must. 
i hate my birthday. its always the day i feel like the biggest burden.
"Let's meet then. I'll make it better.
Even if it's for a short time at the end of your long day, let's meet." 

As i'm looking into your eyes,
i'm thinking the most
beautiful thoughts.