Status: I am Jordan, I'm nothing more, nothing less than myself. I'm conquring new things and taking a journey with my friends.
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Hi! My name is Jordan. I am currently a junior in highschool.
I'm just an average teenage girl. I love to help out other people. My sophomore year was one of the hardest years in my life. I don't think I really showed you guys how I really was, because I wasn't truly me during that time. I'm sorry for that.

I am 17 years old.
I live in the great state of Texas, born and raised.

I love traveling and I am planning on traveling cross country in the next few summers.
I'm an artist in every sort, I sing, dance, act, paint, write.
I'm a major reader- so send me your stories!
I love talking to people-so message me on my kik -> AwkwardnessIsAwesome
I'm a christian and have been for awhile, but I have no denomination. :P

Just loving on people, and being kind 24/7.

Quotes by AwkwardnessIsAwesome*

Y'all should check out my blog!
He's got me singing many tunes. I love how we can communicate through the silence. He makes my heart flutter and my stomach drop. We laugh for hours, but can get serious really fast. He's my valentine and I his.
"You're personality, the way you act, the way you are, the way you look. Just you in general." Kylor's response when I asked him why he thinks I am adorable. hates me.
Conversation with bestfriend:

Me: (Night before) *Kisses your cheek* Night Ky. Sweet dreams. Thanks for tonight, it was lots of fun. I love you. :)
Ky: (This morning after reading the message I sent last night) So to be honest, I had the stupidest grin on my face this morning when I read the text. XD
Me: ....Really? :)
Ky: Da XD
Me: Lol why?
Ky: Eh. It was nice >_< 

That gave me the stupidest grin on Earth reading that. 
The feeling of liking someone who you know probably won't like you back is painful to the degree of self loathing.
So...I'm the only one in this friendship that thinks that the fact that you and I can talk about anything, even the stuff that is supposed to be awkward and totally feel comfortable with each other, means that something is going on here...because I feel like this means something. 
Liking your bestfriend is a pain in the butt. Especailly when you know he'll never like you back, even when he and his gf break up. Failure.
I want a passionate kiss that makes me never second guess myself and my choices. I spend my days imagining you being the one to show me this. Hoping.
Go look up Desert Rain Frog on youtube. It will make your day. :)