Status: Im ok now. The screams are now wimpers
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im a juggalette fed up with the bullshit. All i want is to find my juggalo. I thought i did but i was wrong. Now im trying to get through. Dont judge me. You dont know about me. And if you did you wouldnt be reading this.

Quotes by Lonelyjuggalette

Im not strong enough to stay away. i cant run from you i just run back to you. Like a moth im drawn into your flame. When you say my name. it sounds the same. You look in my eyes all striped of my pride. And my soul surrenders and you bring my heart to its knees.
                             _Not Strong Enough Asking Alexandra
Ladies Please:
put your boobs back in your shirt
put your a$$ back in your shorts
put the fake tan back in the can
and put the real back in your eyes.

we all know your not happy.
we all know that you dont like being like that
we all know its an act

guys dont own you, show them your true self
you are beautiful. show everyone that!
not with all the makeup, not with all the skin
show them you love yourself and that you deserve respect.

stay beautiful
stay classy<3

add your name and pass it on:)
Remeber when I LOVE YOU was something people took serously instead of just a word people use to get what they want.
" Is anybody listening? Can they hear me when i call? Im shooting signals in the air. I need somebodys help. I cant make it on my own. Im givin up myself. Is anybody listenin listinin?"
    -Good Charlette
"OK i need help. Havin a hard day. Cant find a reason to go one. Someone Please Help Me!" I screamed that this morning. No reply. I wonder if anyone would reply this time... Probly not. This is for all those who scream as loud as they can and yet noone hears.
When i hear someone yell "shotgun" i scream "rosa parks" & sit down & refuse to move xp
Ever feel like your not good enough? Ever feel like 130lbs is 50lbs to heavy? Ever feel like no matter how loud you scream no one will hear you. Ever feel lost in a thick darkness consuming you? Yea....... Me either.... Not even a little bit... Right?