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I got a Facebook and this is My First Witty Account♥ I am 20 And a Muslim (yeah it's not M-O-S-L-E-M) MUSIC, ART and RELIGION saved me NOT people ^_^ ¤ I think Dragons are cool ¤ I like Oreo more than Chocolate ¤ I love the color Purple, Green n Blue :) ¤ I wish to have a Panda as my Pet ¤ I'm into Metal and Rock Music♥ and the so hated Metalcore bands xD ¤ Am an videogame, sci-fi movie freak xD I love the inspiring movies too! ¤ I like All kindof Good Music........ OKAY I WRITE MOST OF THE QUOTES BY MYSELF, AND sometimes, COPY AND MODIFIED QUOTES by Me xDD xoxoxo

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Not Every Kid Grows Up In An Environment Where Love Have Always Existed. Some Kids Always Sees Relationships Around Them Always Failing n The Most Insecure Kids Are Those Who Sees Relationships That Are Fake, The Ones Wer The Two People Pretend To Be Perfectly Fine With Each Just To Show The World But The Kids When They Grows Up, Starts Understanding That These People Are Merely In Love Anymore n Actually Hates Each Othr.
I find it funny how everyone is excited about Christmas and I have to pretend that I am so happy too, when the truth is that I am so numb idk if I should laugh and sing or should I just lock myself up in my room and just sleep til these festive season is over! .__.
Some People Neva Learn To Fricking MOVE ON!
Ok U Had A Breakup N I Can Understand How Much You Love The Person. But Hey That Person L-E-F-T u For Someone E-L-S-E! That Person Don't Care, So Pick Urself Up N Try Not To Give A Damn Too. Duh.
If You Don't Like To Be There At My Boring Times. Then You Don't Deserve To Be There In My Crazy n Awesome Times ;o
I Don't Know If I Should Be Glad Or Not THAT I Made It So Far. Well I Hope I Do Find A Purpose For Not Giving Up Till Now.

BULLYING isn't COOL! Its Not Okay To Pick On Someone. What If The Girl In The Hijab, Or The Geeky Boy, Or The Quiet Mysterious Kid or The Gay Boy Or Anyone You Bullied Actually Is Facing Some Real Big Problems Themselves. And You Are Just Making It Impossible For Them To Live On By Making Their Life Even Worse For Them. You Are Gonna Regret It Later. And Maybe U Wont Be Able To Forgive Urself Later On -_-

"how are you?" has always been the hardest question to reply. Idk what to answer. I am always like "I am fine" or "okay" and sometimes "I dont know". But the truth is I never have any idea what to answer becuz its bloody hard to explain how I am really feeling ~sign~
I cannot believe this year is actually about to end! January and Febuary were the most suicidal months. March and April were again the most depressed ones because I kinda messed up school results abit. May and June were bad too plus the anger of my parents becuz of my result. July to September were better plus my parents encouraging me. But agian October, as worst as Jan and Feb. And Nov was best becuz I stopped giving a damn about everything. December is again stupid but great at the same, altho therez chaos and too mch negativity around and even at home, therez good times too. Ah OK .__.
highly Depressed + living in a Dysfunctional family + Grades dropping + a Muslim living among non religoius Muslims + Weird and Awkward + a Girl + not good at Anything.
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