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I got a Facebook and this is My First Witty Account♥ I am 20 And a Muslim (yeah it's not M-O-S-L-E-M) MUSIC, ART and RELIGION saved me NOT people ^_^ ¤ I think Dragons are cool ¤ I like Oreo more than Chocolate ¤ I love the color Purple, Green n Blue :) ¤ I wish to have a Panda as my Pet ¤ I'm into Metal and Rock Music♥ and the so hated Metalcore bands xD ¤ Am an videogame, sci-fi movie freak xD I love the inspiring movies too! ¤ I like All kindof Good Music........ OKAY I WRITE MOST OF THE QUOTES BY MYSELF, AND sometimes, COPY AND MODIFIED QUOTES by Me xDD xoxoxo

Quotes by Loner_in_Lalaland

Sometimes, once in a while, I feel so Proud of me, like "girl u are awesome, u smile the brightest, the bigest smile, always acting funny, u really cover up all the pain. no one knows about the depressed u, no one can even doubt about it, not even ur bestfriends knows about it, keep it up and keep fighting ur demons" :)
MUM: go study for exams, u are least interested about ur studies.
DAD: u are not good at any sport, not interested in cooking, not interested in anything
SIBLINGS: oh u are so weird, u are not even good in anything, if it was someone else they would have been better than you.
ME: *feels miserable forever*
I Am Giving Up On Everything And You Don't Even Know That. .__.
I Wish I Can Fall Asleep
And Never Wake-up Again
I Wish :)
No prayer can Fix this Mess.
Will this House ever be a Home again?! -__-
When You Are Lisentning To Music At Night and Then You Realise The Sun Is Already Up and You Are Like "man I didnt sleep at all"
My Life Is Messed And I Am Unhappy Not Because Of Me...It Is Because I Am Living Around And Among The Not So Right People...So I Am Not Giving Up This Time...Because I Know The Moment I Step Out Of This Place I Will Be So Damn Happy...
You know that shiver you get that just runs down ur whole body when You are all alone in ur room and you hear ur Parents yelling and cursing each other like it doesn't matter to Them about how their kid wil feel like when I hear them fight this way. What child likes to hear bad about their Own parents and by Their own mouths .__.
How To Attarct People-

step one : be Emma Watson

It doesn't really hurts me much whn my parents yells or says something bad.But whn u got siblings who are always trying to bring u down always upto making u feel worthless in front of others always calling u a loser is what hurts me the most. I mean like who the hell gave u the right to always make ur younger sibling feel miserable about herself. Siblings shud be the ones to bring confidence and uplift their other siblings and not let them feel bad about themselves .____.
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