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I got a Facebook and this is My First Witty Account♥ I am 20 And a Muslim (yeah it's not M-O-S-L-E-M) MUSIC, ART and RELIGION saved me NOT people ^_^ ¤ I think Dragons are cool ¤ I like Oreo more than Chocolate ¤ I love the color Purple, Green n Blue :) ¤ I wish to have a Panda as my Pet ¤ I'm into Metal and Rock Music♥ and the so hated Metalcore bands xD ¤ Am an videogame, sci-fi movie freak xD I love the inspiring movies too! ¤ I like All kindof Good Music........ OKAY I WRITE MOST OF THE QUOTES BY MYSELF, AND sometimes, COPY AND MODIFIED QUOTES by Me xDD xoxoxo

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People are like pistachios. Some of them open up easily, but there are others who need to be really broken to get into.- RVM 
I go from hating school and wishing for graduation to come already, and then jump straight to loving it and wanting each second to slow down so I can savour it. It's also scary realising that the people I see everyday now, most of them I will probably never see again in my lifetime. In a way I've accepted it and totally over it because the people at school are literal filth, but other times I'm like, naw, I'm gonna miss these dorks.
I've burned bridges I thought I never would want to cross again,
but my eyes had failed me,
and I did not see the road as
far ahead as I needed to...

now I'm stuck in the middle,
on a melting island in this lava water...
I need new spectacles...

but I am still a fighter.

Make people cry from the beauty of you words, rather than the cruelty. Remind them that they can feel. Remind them that feeling does not always feel like falling apart.
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There are poems inside of me that paper can't handle.

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i really want to be cast as a roman soldier in a history video. it would be so much fun! you get to fake stab people with your plastic sword, while screaming like a maniac.

She whispers "I'm afraid of falling". He smiles, and said "I will catch you".

Don't want your picture
On my cell phone
I want you here with me

Don't want your memory

In my head now

I want you here with me...

some people are beautiful.

not in looks.

not in what they say.

just in who they are.

I want to scream.
My mom is dead.
My girlfriend and I just broke up.
I can't sleep anymore, my grades are dropping.
My family's forgotten me.