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I got a Facebook and this is My First Witty Account♥ I am 20 And a Muslim (yeah it's not M-O-S-L-E-M) MUSIC, ART and RELIGION saved me NOT people ^_^ ¤ I think Dragons are cool ¤ I like Oreo more than Chocolate ¤ I love the color Purple, Green n Blue :) ¤ I wish to have a Panda as my Pet ¤ I'm into Metal and Rock Music♥ and the so hated Metalcore bands xD ¤ Am an videogame, sci-fi movie freak xD I love the inspiring movies too! ¤ I like All kindof Good Music........ OKAY I WRITE MOST OF THE QUOTES BY MYSELF, AND sometimes, COPY AND MODIFIED QUOTES by Me xDD xoxoxo

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