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Even hell can get comfy once you've settled in.

Music is my life.

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Quotes by Loopy23

Me: *goes outside to put something in the bin*
My Dad: Holy shìt! Proud family moment! You actually left the house!
Me: O_______o
My Dad: Let me take a picture I want to remember this moment!
Me: This is why I never leave the house .__.
Normal person when the sun is shining: Ooh I'm going to go for a walk & I'm going to socialize with friends.
Me when the sun is shining: Jeez close the curtains I can't see the laptop screen -.-
The people you think you know best are the people you don't know at all...
...And the people you don't know at all understand you the most.
I shouldn't laugh but I know I'm a failure in your eyes
You don't realise that when you're talking to me the things that are going through my head.
You don't realise when you talk to me the tears are running down my face.
You don't realise that I am broken & you'll never be able to fix me.
I know you're not supposed to promote people on your quotes..... Well I'm going to be bada$$ and break the rules (;
Here's to Bittersweet57
I can't even describe you. You're just amazing. You understand me & take me for who I am. You make me laugh & you make me smile. You are perfect! You're beautiful. I can't describe how awesome you are. And you know what, it hurts to even think that you don't see that. Because you're amazing. I love talking to you. You're always there for me. You care. That's the biggest thing Michaela, you care. And that's more than I could ever want in a friend.
Also things will get better. You just have to stay strong. I know you are strong enough. So yeah.....
I love you(in a friend way) & you are the most amazingly beautiful girl ever. Inside & Out.
And I promise. One day we will meet! Mwahaha & dress up in our onesies and scare the little kiddies >;D
And you will find a loverboy Michalien!! I promise! C:
Today somebody asked me; If you were in a fire & could save one item in your house what would it be?
Now this question got me thinking. Because most of the things I own are replaceable & don't mean a lot to me. I don't mean that in a spoilt way. I just mean that we all have so much that we don't cherish the things we have. We take things for granted. But that's not just with possessions.
We take relationships for granted too.
Like our parents. All the things they do for us & we just moan about them. And our friends. We think they'll always be there. But will they? And people get too comfortable in a relationship & take each other for granted & use each other to look cool.
If you're in a relationship with someone it should be because you LOVE them & CARE about them. Not because it's a status on Facebook & a way to brag to your friends.
So basically what I'm saying is that we all take things for granted. Basic things that other people don't have.
Just think about this.
You know those days where every single thing goes wrong?
And you have no idea how to fix it?
Well today is one of those days.
Does it make you weak if you're needing someone?
That moment when you put a song on but your headphones are tangled...
...And when you finally get them untangled the song is finished
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