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Yeah, I saw your little Facebook group.
That one where 30+ of you, some of whom I knew and liked and some of whom I've never seen or spoken to in my life, have been making fun of me.
A girl in my school showed it to me and we spent the whole of lunch crying (of laughter) at how sad some of you are.
And if I'm honest, I really don't care.
While you guys have been making little Internet groups where you have been taking pictures of some 9 year old kid and pretending it's me, I've been out in the real world getting a life.
I'm graduating high school in a few months, going to college soon after that, I've been in a steady relationship since October 2012, I haven't self-harmed in a long long time, and I no longer bother with hypocrites like you who whine about a 22-year-old woman who told you to k.ill yourselves to your faces yet you're all 15-18 year olds making fun of someone behind their back in a Facebook group.
And you know what? I'm finally happy.
So maybe y'all should get off your high horses, go outside and help yourself instead of trying to make strangers on the Internet think you're "cool" by bringing up drama that happened nearly a year ago.
Oh, and to whoever stalked my quotes and put a screenshot on your little "WITTY PROFILEZ REUNION!!!11!!!!1 <3<3<3" group (no doubt set up by Caroline) of a quote that said "Did you catch your own reflection in the knife my mother held / or the hell in my father's eyes?" - It's just a f.ucking song. Most of you knew that yet you still made me out to be an evil psychotic murderer.  'And The Snakes Start To Sing' by BMTH. Look it up.
I kinda feel sorry for you guys.
But I do still like a lot of you - even though you spend your hours making fun of me now :) - and I have some degree of respect for all of you.

My name IS Lorcan Malone - you can probably find my real account on Facebook - and yes, I'm a male who is now 18, a senior and doing something with his life. So no, I won't be coming back here.

And yes, I know all of you are going to post 50 screenshots of this all over Facebook. I know you're all still going to waste your time complaining about what an a.sshole I was or making fun of who I am now - which is bullying, by the way, whether I see it or not - to more strangers who really could not give a shit. But I'm just not going to bother with it anymore. It's been what, 9 months? I've moved on. And if I can move on, you sure as hell can too. You'll feel much better about yourselves.

By the way, to whoever posted in that group making fun of my dead twin brother? You are a sick, twisted person and I sincerely hope you feel bad for it. You should really stop complaining about "bullies" when you say stuff like that in public groups on the Internet.

Hope y'all have a good year. :)