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I'm lost in Forever,
Come find me, and save me,
From wandering these desoalte halls,
In this story, to which there is no end,
Just blank pages for

Quotes by LostinForever

waiting for you to love me,
is like teaching a blind kid

Useless and Disapointing

all mine,
comment and fav

Why must you be gone all the time?

wish it wasn't, but its mine.

Did you hear there's a new manager at

Oh wait.......It's you


him: It's 11:11 make a wish!
me:  I made one, what did you wish for?
him: can't tell or else it won't come true.

10 minutes later

him: do you want to be my girlfriend?
me: I've wanted to be your girlfriend for a long time.
me: I have a question now.
him: ask away.
me: what did you wish for at 11:11
him: that you would say yes.

me: you didn't have to wish for me to say yes, because I would have anyway


this actually happened to me!
The guy I've liked for 5months finally asked me out last night,
and this was the exact conversation!

seems to be the only word in my vocabulary
Admit it

Whenever you're walking by yourself and you see an old guy walking towards you,
You pretend to be talking on your cell phone to y
best friend,
When you're really just carrying out a
full conversation with nobody.

[mine as far as I know. just came up with it]

Are you crying???
No, my eyes are just
Naturally red and puffy

they believed me

Then what's the point in caring?
And when you care about people,
It just means you'll get let down.


mine, and venting

Rap/hip hop,andbeerpongwithbudlights.

quote idea to whattttttacutie8D
I changed mostly all the words
Every last little thing that I had to hope for,
Is gone.
Every thing I ever wanted,
Taken from me
I hide my pain in a camoflauge of "I'm perfectly fine with it!"
Even though its all a lie.
You've stolen the one last thing I have ever wanted
And you know how I feel, and you know everything about me.
But you took him away, leaving me with nothing.
Now you're going out with him,
And I get to watch you everyday with him holding hands, kissing, and hugging,
Because you're my best friend and I'm "totally okay with this."
You destroyed me,
And you don't even have the slightest clue as to what
you've done.

major venting,
and it's all true.
My best friend is now going out with
the guy i've liked for 6 months.
I told her I was fine with it so she could be happy
and I don't think i've ever cryed so hard in my life before.
I thought she would b able to see through the shallow lies,
But she proved me wrong.
Help!! Anyone, I feel so helpless and
I'm absolutly miserable.