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You die twice.
Once when your physical body dies and once more when your name is spoken for the last time.

We turned witty PINK for breast cancer prevention.

Lets turn it TEAL to show



Before you kiss me
-Grab my waist
-Pull me closer to your body
-Look into my eyes
-Look at my lips while biting your lip
-Look back into my eyes again
-Grab my face gently
-Then slowly lean in & kiss me

It will drive me crazy, I promise.


Tonight at VBS
A little girl came up to me and said
"I just want you to know, God shows light through you for me."
She's my angel sent from God.
That's for sure. ♥

Child Abuse
Child abuse is being reported every 10 seconds. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10. Another child has just been reported for being abused.
I bet you didn’t know about 5 to 6 children die each day as a result of child abuse or being neglected. About 3 million child abuse reports are made each year. I can imagine you are all in shock to hear these crazy statistics. However, I bet none of you are taking any action to stop it. We hear people talk about how important it is to stop child abuse, but in reality, do they really mean it? This society has been brought up as people who claim they “care” but really could care less. Imagine yourself grown up with a child of your own. Your one-year-old baby girl in your arms all cozied up in her blanket. Now imagine her six years old. All cozied up in a hospital bed because one of your smacks was a little too hard. Now imagine her seven years old in her grave because the doctors couldn’t cure her wound. An abused child has more wounds on their body then there are stars in the sky.
The children of our society are they next generation of adults. We need to put an end to this or we will not have a “next generation!” Once the population of children gradually decreases, society may just be adults. We need to put an end to this, or predators will target each other!  Now is the time to take action to defend all the defenseless. Now is the time to take action to help all the helpless. Now is the time to take action to protect the unprotected. Now is the time to take action to heal the wounded. Now is the time!
This is no subject to joke about. This subject should not be neglected like the abused children themselves. There is no need for this type of maltreatment in the world. Big deal if a child forgets to clean their room. Big deal if a child doesn’t like to eat their vegetables. No one should endure such violence for such small problems. Did you forget to that you’re not allowed to eat cookies after five? Smack! Did you come home five minutes later than you should have? Smack! Did you ask your mother a question that she considers “stupid?” Smack! Or how about your father came home drunk and he didn’t want to deal with you, his child? Smack! Year after year, month after month, week after week, day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute, second after second, millisecond after millisecond, a child is being smacked, punched, kicked, pinched, pushed, or anything! You name it, and it’s happening. And you’re sitting here doing nothing to help the matter. Just remember: “Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.”[1]

[1] Dr. Haim Ginott

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Long, but worth it. I cried the entire time.
Once there was a little girl,
Born with gorgeous, wavy curls.
She went everywhere, just the same;
Until the move to the new school next may.
Curly Fry
Puffy Hair
Frizzy Freak
They didn't see her beauty.
That day she came home crying.
She said she was fine, obviously lying,
and when her parents fixed her problem;
they never heard of it again.
Curly Fry
Puffy Hair
Frizzy Freak
Her peace lasted only a week.
One day, she came back home, angry at the world,
took some scissors, and cut every one of her curls.
Her parents saw what she had done,
and didn't blame her, they knew her pain.
They saw her classmates' awful game.
Five, ten years went by
After a while, her tears dry.
Cutting her curls, all the time
And one day, angry at the world, there wasn't enough curls....
she cut herself
No more curls from that day on, just swirls. of blood.
she heard it all.
And then one day, cuts were too small.
She slashed her arm,
In a hospital bed, her family is her only comfort.
Then she came home. New sadness, new sorrow.
Unfortunate Actions
Society was now torturing her.
Silently, with a content purr,
Slashing didn't hurt.
she didn't know what she existed for.
Five, ten years went by, more.
and she thought
" Nobody Will Miss Me "
and for a change in life, she felt like she made the right desicion.
Painlessly, she opened the bottle.
" Twenty pills should do the trick "
and with no regrets, she did the most painless thing in the entire world.
She swallowed them without a word.
And that morning, a note on her bed
Simple, that only said:
" Live, Love, Forgive, My family, I love you.
 I'm watching you right now. My pain is ended, and yours will be too"
Fave if you're against bullying, help others find their way.

Do you see what society did? Make us think we're all ugly. But we're not.
And my heart has been crushed all over again.
Be mine? Forever. Please?
Dear girls, see this quote? It's amazing. It's beautiful. Just like you. Don't let anyone tell you different.