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{ Well, am ANAMICA , i am from india. i never get bored, i do random stuff, love clicking photographs. music, movies &&; comedy tv shows are my thing. i don't like sweet people. cause they tend to get sweeter day by day ; which sucks.

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Quotes by LoveExtinguisher

Bathroom hand dryers are amazing if you want to kill a few minutes before wiping your hands on your pants.
I swear Mosquitos have a chart of the human body they study before they leave their nest...They seem to always bite on the worst possible places.. It's like they huddle up and make a plan: "Ok Sally, you take the toe knuckles.. Betty, you get the crack behind the knee, Mary, you take the ankles, and I'll take the finger knuckles..Ready? Break!"
Me and my guy has completed 4 months today. I am so happy, I can't describe this feeling. He's so perfect, for me. A kind of guy I ALWAYS wanted. I just hope we always stay together :)
I am not being anti-social. I am just being social with someone on the Internet.
Oh yeah, that reminds me, SCREW YOU AND YOUR CONSTANT JUDGING!
Once I'm rich, I will hire a guy whose only job will be to check that the switch is ON every time I plug in my phone to charge.
Teacher : Give an example of making mountain out of a mole hill? Student : Wearing padded bra.

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