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Is anyone up for making my profile all pretty?!

           Your like a band-aid,                          the faster I rip you off the better

Hi, i'm paul:)   Anyone Remember?

Boys insult eachother, but don't mean it. Girls compliment eachother and don't mean it either.
I'm just wondering, is it snowing anywhere else?

Seeing someone hot and your like,    hhbhbjhbhbjhbjhbgfccfhfghvghcgh

1) Hold your breath. 2) like this quote. 3)Put this as your quote. (While holding your breath) 4) If you were holding your breath the whole time, You are a good kisser.

Me, Without you is like...        Facebook- without friends.        Youtube- without videos.     Google- without an        answer.                                     

~I've loved you for a thousand years, I'll love for a thousand more. ♥~