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Hiyaa Loves!
Im Stormy Call ME Storm if you wanna :)
I Have 2 sisters and one brother
my sister Pasiley is adopoted
ha i think i spelled that wrong...any ways i love my sisters and brother  there a hand full :P
Im 16 and a freshhyy
i cant wait for summer!
I love THE BEACH!!!! :)
Angle I Love You Girl <3


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Hi yes I know I'm "fake".
I do not think i am truely pretty and thats why i dont have a real witty of me.
Elis Enchated is A very pretty girl i never once said they were really me. I been trying to take the pics down but i can not edit my proflie. so if you will do not post any more rude comments. you are just as fake as me in some way. shape. or form. thank you for your time.

I Deleted Your Number..
I Erased Your
Picture From My Phone.
I forgot all about "Our Song"
Forgot about all the
Baby I'm Sorry
And the I Love You..
Because I'm Done with all your lies.
I'm breaking my rearview mirror and never

 turning back.



Spoken Part 1
"Connor Just Leave Me Alone." I screamed as my boyfriend followed me as a walked down the beach.

"No Cami Im not just going to let you leave like this!" He grabbed my arm.
"Get Off Of Me." I said on the break of tears.
"Cami is was a mistake." He said for the 10 time today.
"It was a mistake? It was a mistake that you hit me?" I said sturnly.
"Yes i love you I would never do that again i got mad." He grabbed my arm tighter.
"LET GO OF ME CONNOR!" I screamed and broke his grip.
I started running until couldn't. my breath heavy and my hands trembling. i didnt no if i wanted to ever trust Connor again. I pulled up my shirt where connor hit me there was a large red mark. One single tear ran down my face. i pulled out my phone and called my friend Ashely.
"Yeah Babe?" Ashely said when she picked up.
"C-Ca-Can you come p-pick me u-up?" I got out between sobs.
"Oh hun yes! What happened where are you?!"
"I'm I'm on the pier please come get me."
"Im on my way Love you be there in a couple minutes." She hung up and i sat on the pier shaking. 5 mintues later i saw Ashely and her yellow punch buggie roll in. I ran to her car as soon as i got in i started crying my eyes out.
"Oh Cam what happen baby girl!?" She said holding me close to her.
"Nothing..Its nothing." I said wipping away the tears in my eyes.
"Ok..Do you want to spend the night at my house?" Ash said turning on the radio, "best love song" played loudly.
"Sure, just stop at my place my parents probably arent home like always." my parents were very weathy and left town almost every week for a vaction or trip almost like they didnt care about us.
"Crap! Ash Aarons at the babysitters and so it Maci!"
"Its fine we'll just pick them up.." Ash said in a soft voice.
"Your a great friend.." I said smiling.
-------------------1 hour later.---------------------------------
I picked up my little brother Aaron from the back of Ash's car.
He was 3 with curly brown hair and icy blue eyes.
Ash got Maci who was Aaron's twin. she also had curly brown hair and icy blue eyes.
We walked into Ash's house and layed the twins down on the couch covering them up with a blanket.
"I have to pee!" I said laughing and ran up the staires too the bathroom.
I looked at my self in the mirror. My long blonde hair flowed over my chest. with long bangs that covered part of my Big Blue eyes. the freckles on my nose seemed to mutiple from being in the sun. My rosey red cheeks were pulled out of color because of my nice tan. i look at my self one last time believing i wasnt beautiful any more..

what do you guys think? its alil boring right now but it will get better i promise!

Hey Guys Its Stormy I was Wondering
Should I Make a Story???
If so Could You comment some names of characters i could use?
I Have Too Ideas So If I get At Least 10 People that say i should Ill Have A Little Preview Of The
Two Different Stories :) Thanks Guys


Sticks And Stones
Break My
But Words


 Never Hurt Me..
(Remeber Saying this as a comeback and
you thought you were the bomb)