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Quotes by LoveMe4Me_4

Don't wait
for the love
of your life
to come to you.
You can be out
there having fun
while looking for
He's something I can't explain,
like a little girl can't explain why she loves dolls so much.
& when we touched his skin wasn't too rough too soft.
& when we kissed it wasn't worth 1,000 words, it was worth 1,000,000 words, his lips were so tender and soft.
& the first time our eyes locked, we knew it wasn't a crush, it was love at first sight, and I just couldn't help but notice his eyes were adorable.
& I guess he's just so perfect.
trying to look
his number up
in the phone-


haha thats what i did .. im a stalker to james c.
why does he have to tell
me you like me.
then i go to call u.
and then all u say is..
"only as a friend."
i'm just gonna give up,
cause its always..
"only as a friend."

i was in a rush so i didnt get to capitalize and stuff
make it cute..
i think of u.
and everything is alright.
But when i think of how u broke my heart.
everything is broken.
Going places..
Spenind time together.
What a life.
But u had to break it.
i hate u for that.
i always will.
Even though deep down inside.
i still {Love} you.
The best sport
In history.
Live it and
Love it
When ur drunk
and ur shirt is off
dancing on the dance floor,
you'll think of this one person.
Your dance teacher.
Waiting for u is like waiting for the rain to fall in this drought.<---Cinderella Story
I love u.
{I do}
but do u love me back?