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I Live On The Internet, I Dont Know What Else To Say. 
K. Well, Byeeeee. 


Quotes by LoveYourLifeee

Not Gonna Lie...
Harry Styles Is My Life.
Im Backkkkk! 
Gosh, I Never Realised How Much I've Miss Witty. 
My Dad's Always Telling Everyone Im Not Into Boys.
The True Satement Is:
Im Into Boys... They're Just Not Into Me.

Me: For Christmas I Would Like A Boyfriend, Please.
Santa: C'mon Now. Let's Be Realistic.
Watching Tangled With My Sister;
And Singing Every Song Together.
Is It Weird That Checking The Mail Is
The Best Part Of My Day?
Format by Breeze

No Kanye West, your job is not as tough, and dangerous as the soldiers in Afghanistan. Since you're that arrogant, then suit up, and go fight over seas with them.
Yesterday, My Sister
Locked Me Outside.
I Stood There Ringing The Door
Bell And Waiting For Her
To Open The Door.
She Just Stood There
Laughing At Me Hysterically
Whilst I Freeze My Butt Off.
She Thinks That Was Funny?
Well, She Doesn't Know What's Coming For Her.
Mwhahaha. c:
My Kitten Is Being A Little Flirt.
She's Not Fixed And She's Hitting On The Males.
Stop Being So Mature,
You're Only A Couple Months Old.
*   Thank    God    For    Snow    Days  *