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I'm16 years young(: I blow out my candles on April 5th!! I love music, dancing, and art! I'm an actress in the making(= #DisneyFanatic

Quotes by LoveYourOwnWay

Promise Me One Thing,
If Tomorrow You Wakeup Feeling
Tired Of This World,
Just Talk To Someone Who Cares

Because No,

It's No The End.
It's the begining.

Loading beauty........
Some people are meant to fall in love with each other,
But not meant to be together.
I definitely have strong feelings for you. I just don't know if they are positive or negative yet.

~Percy Jackson and the Olympians
These roses, they are red.
Those violets, they are blue.
I have never believed in love.
And I won't because of you.
// Let's make someone smile //

You only care about getting the old Witty back and only fave top quotes but what you don't know is there are MANY people who have been on Witty for years and have experienced much more than you. They do come on Witty but no one knows that they exist and that probably does make them disheartened. You wouldn't like being near to invisible, will you? So why not get a smile on their faces by following and faveing their quotes?
I have an idea, we will all, on 1st April, find, follow and fave old Wittians.
If you wanna be a part of this plan, write your name below and soread the news!!

[write your name below mine]

Re-post this quote but please leave me (Fruit99Punch) the credits for this idea!
Thanks and ket's maje someone smile!!
That awkward moment when your ex's new girlfriend is in your lunch and you USED to sit with her and be friends.