Status: Everybody lies and that's the only truth sometimes.
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I'm a really awkward child.
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So you can keep knocking, baby you're knocking but there ain't no way I'm ever gonna let you in. No not again. So keep on knocking but baby you're better off walking cause baby I'm not letting in. Never again
And once again my pill bottle is my only friend. 
It's pretty sad how when my family says, "Just making sure you're still alive" it isn't a joke and they legitametly have to check.
As hard as people may try to understand, they never will. 
They will never understand how hard it is or the pain I have to carry around with me everyday. 
They will never understand that just because you tell someone to let go and move on, it isn't that easy. 
They will never understand that I can't explain why I cry sometimes. 
They will never understand how much it hurts. 
They can try and they can try, but they will never understand.
I really do try to be social and make lots of friends. 

But then I go out and be around people and wish I never left my house. 
Cause baby now we got bad blood. 
"You just don't get it."

Don't get what? Don't get how YOU were the one who decided to end it? How YOU were the one who decided to leave? How you have feelings and yes while they might have gotten hurt, I was the one being left behind so I did what I had to in order to not fall apart? I don't get what? How you think its okay to lead someone on and then all of a sudden just drop them? How you think its okay to care for everyone else but not let them care for you? How its okay for you to preach about how you know so much about pain and how you would never do that to someone but then turn around and do everything you said you wouldn't?

You're right. I don't get it. 
I absolutely hate when people say "If you loved them you wouldn't have moved on so fast."

Everyone has their own definition of love. You don't get to define their feelings for them. Some people think they know what love is and then meet someone better who shows them a better definition of love. You don't know why the couple broke up or why the said person moved on so fast. It's not for you to judge. 
What if one day we woke up and only had what we said we were grateful for the day before?