Status: Everybody lies and that's the only truth sometimes.
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I'm a really awkward child.
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Merry Christmas!! And if you dont celebrate Christmas, just have a wonderful day!

what am i supposed to do if the breathing isnt worth the pain anymore

Sorry, I lost your number when I hit 

To quote Hamlet act III scene iii line 92 - "no."

This is a modern fairytale,
no happy endings; no wind in our sails.

Hi guys!!!

I have an idea so just hear me out..

Many girls, like myself, obsess over likes on instagram and such.
I always wonder.. why don't I get as many likes as my friend??

So i think we should have a group of some girls maybe like up to 20 girls ( just a suggestion) who like each others pictures - and we can have a group chat on an app like whatsapp letting each other know when we've posted so we can go like the pictures.

I like the idea, let me know what you guys think☺️

Sometimes you just need to cry your eyes out to be able to keep going.

i tried to love

the hell

out of him

thinking that my light

could ever

ignite his

was the dumbest

and bravest

thing i’ve ever done

did you ever actually feel that way about me...
This quote does not exist.