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                             Photo: Celebrating my boyfriend's birthday. Surprised him. With Balloons,Starbucks,and Cake. Cali was just a surprise. Haha.

                                                                      Kimberly Stewart

Me and my bestfriend,true love, and boyfriend when we were in high school at homecoming. ;) i love you baby since 07’


                        (21)---Blow out my candles on the 28th of November 
                                          (College)--->Middle freshy
                                    (Wants to be a Vet)--->Loves animals
                                    (Country grl at heart)-->Loves Country music
                 (I'm a N.E.R.D!)-->Watches LP'S,Loves Video games,reads, on Laptop 24/7,
                                            And phone is constintley by me. :)
                             P.S. I'm als a girl who'd rather wear boots than sneakers. :)

 ---> Ive loved and ive lost, the memories of you still lingers in my mind and i will NEVER let them go. Because those memories will probably be the only thing that I have left of you. You will always AND forever have my heart no matter what happens. I will always belong to you.<---
                                  I LOVE YOU!!!!                                  
(Your my bestfriend we grew up together, and I don't mind spending the rest of my life together with you. You've seen me at my best and you've seen me at my weekest. You take me for me.) I will forever love you no matter what. :)- 3-3-07. :) I LOVE YOU NATE. :) forever n always I belong with you!!!!

Forever N' Always baby.

He made this for me from photoshop. :)

My special flowers you gave me on Dec-15-12. :) I will never forget that day.) I love you ALWAYS 'N' FOREVER!!

Gods: Taylor Lautner,,Nick Jonas Luke Bryan, Zachery Levi, Channing Tatum,Liam Payne,Shia Labuf, and Enrique Inglesias. :)

Favorite movies: A Walk To Remember.(Anything from Nicholas Sparks. But, A Walk To Remember is my favorite by him. :) and then, Pitch Perfect!! :)

Idol: Taylor Swift.

Bands: BTR,Forever The Sickest Kids, Mayday Parade,The Maine,The Script,Safteysuit, Boys Like Grls,Sleeping with Sirens, We The Kings, All Time Low.The Friday Night Boys Every Avenue, 1D(Favorite 1D guy-Liam Payne. :)- ext..

Anime:Clannad,Bleach,Soul Eater,Kanon,Angel Beats,Fruit Basket.....

My favorite TV Shows: How I Met Your Mother,Chuck,The Big Bang Theory,The Vampire Diaries. -Barney/Robin or Ted/Robin(But we all know Barney marry's Robin.) Then (Chuck/Sarah!) :) -Im on both sides Damon/Elena/Stefan- I <3 the thrill!! Tyler/Caroline. :) And my other TV Shows:  Beauty and The Beast. :) I <3 Teen Wolf.... Stiles is the sh** to me. I hope him and Lydia get together! DTNG.

I <3 Starbucks Coffee.>. <
(I get Caffiene high off of it!)


Quotes by Loveis20

My baby is turning 21 tomorrow. ;) Me and him have spent 7 yrs together. ;) God, im soo happy about that. Now, he has/is becoming a man. Happy soon to be birthday honey.
He made me a picture saying:
"There will always be a ime when you'll need a shoulder to cry on. Just know that whetever happens, you can come to me. Even if you can't see me, just know I am always by your side"
:) I LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH! He is my bestfriend/boyfriend.
it has been 7 amazing years. :) 3-3-07 to now.
And, I will never let him go. I will always belong to him.
When you get to wear his jacket, and it smells like him. <3
Evertime he says "Goodmorning" and then hugs me. :) It always brightens my day, all day. He was and still is the best descission I have ever made in my life. I will Never regret him. -I WILL ALWAYS LOVE HIM.-
YAY, im going to Hawwii this Summer with my mamma. :)
Can't wait...I am so gonna get a tan.
I won't be alone for Valentine's day. :)
When I asked him if he wanted to go to the Chocolate Festival next weekend for Valentine's day he said "H//l yeah!" :) :)
I am sooo happy!!!!
Watching "The Big Bang"
"It says right here on the hammer, whoever holds this hammer. If he be worthy shall posses the power of Thor."
Now,hold on. Who decides who's worthy.The hammer decides?!"
(both chicks burst in)
"Uh, it can't decide it's a hammer."<lol well no duh its a hammer.>
"You said it's a magic hammer."
"Yea, but it can't make decisions."
If Harry Potter's wand can make decisions why cant Thor's hammer.?!"<dont go there Penny lol>
"Ok, if your going to start comparing wands and hammers, i cant even take u seriously!"

XD(lol i love this TV Show its sooo nerdy. >.<)
He told me that I looked *Beautiful* in my profile picture. :)
When you feel low and start feeling sad. Just remember all the good times and happy memories. -With all the special people in your life that care about you.- :) They are what is keeping you together right now. We all love you please don't do things you will regret later on in life.