Virginia Doran*

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I am simply me i bear my soul deep inside a cage behind my winged heart I like classic cars, painting, playing piano, singing, and i love the blue sky

Quotes by Virginia Doran*

My mom is'nt Buddah even though she wants to be

All my brothers are giants
Sometimes I invite my own darkness in to embrace me like an old friend.
People are ridiculous making up excuses for the most stupid things at least where I am this applies. I am so over your dumb excuses to push us away because you don't want to get close to us I am so over you attitude when we don't do something to your liking I am over you wall that you built to keep us away
I wish I could say I am in love but I can't I believe I am cursed to wander this earth never to fall in love ever again
people are always so concerned when there kids are babies but what about when they are kids when they understand what your saying howbyou are living wgat do you do then
He's killing me slowly everyday and I dont know if he even cares enough to stay with me
Someone save me cause I've r out of excuses to keep breathing
Someone catch me cause now I've run out of reasons why i cant fly
Someone hold onto me because i feel as though i am slipping away
My mom missed my first heart break because i was to scared to tell her i was dating a girl
when i was little
i wanted to be a mother
one day my cousins and i
played with water balloons
we couldnt play outside so
we played inside carful they wouldnt break
we layed the warm balloons on our stomachs
i closed my eyes and imagined i was pregnant
my cousins were confused
asking why would i imagine that
i said
can you imagine a piece of you
living and growing
that you will love unconditionally
they imagined and played to
i was still a little kid but so badly wanted this
and dreamed it and to some extent i still do