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when we were 12 my bestfriend begged  me to tell the guy she loved that she loved him

He walked away.

One week later, he grabbed her and said he walked away because he wanted to learn how to say "I love you more" in 10 languages.

Today at their wedding she said  " I do " in 10  languages  their  love gives me hope

lovegivesmehope ; nmf ; lovelikeforever


he doesnt mean anything to me anymore , hes not just anything hes everything 
nmf ; my quotee ; aniyah 




I always see those quotes ;
they make a long list of pointless things that girls ' really want '.
The whole time im reading that list , i cant help but think , wheres his name ? cause hes all i really want .
lovelikeforever ; aniyah ; nmf

& i lovee being bestfriends with my exes little sister , cause guess what ?

she tells me everything (;



So , guess what im doing ? yeaa your right im sitting here at 2:16 reading all our messages again & realizing e v e r y t h i n g i said was true & e v e r y t h i n g you said was a lie.

-lovelikeforever ; aniyah


I  swore i was  over  US   but then ..
Your name  popped onto my screen& here we go  again , but this time im ready

for anything (:
- aniyah <3

nmf , my quote

 Thanks to facebook


I will now know what everyones bathroom looks like one mirror at a time

- am i rite
not my fornat ;

Self Checkout Was

Invented by a guy :

Who had to buy his girlfriend tampons

am i rite ? ; nmf


If They Ever Shut Facebook Down  :
  People would be roaming the streets in tears shoving pictures of themselves into peoples faces yelling :
Do You Like This , DO You ?!

-am i rite ; nmf