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I'm Jordan Nicole.
Almost sixteen.
I want to be an author, and thne open a little self-owned
bookstore/coffee shop wherever I decide to settle down. 
I have some amazing best friends, whom I love.
(amaryllisxwinthrop, OliviaLee, and LenaK0920)
I'm single and ready to mingle (; 
Sometimes, or most of the time, I can be a little loopy, 
and while I'm a very confident person, I also get down on myself a lot. 
I tell people not to mess with my because I take karate (and leave
out the part where I'm only a white belt- but hey, I just joined 
not to long ago.) I love karate, its a great place to get my anger out.
I love shopping, and I love clothes. 
I also love surfing, even though I live in a frozen tundra and 
I've only been surfing once in my life! Haha.
And, that's about it I guess. 
Bye! :)

"There are times when we are timid and shy about expressing the love we feel.
For fear of embarrassing the other person, or ourselves, we hesitate to say
the actual words, "I love you." So we try to communicate the idea in other
words. We say "take care" or "don't drive too fast" or "be good." But really,
these are just other ways of saying, "I love you", "you are important to me",
"I care what happens to you," and "I don't want you to get hurt." They all
mean "I love you". We are sometimes very strange people. The only thing
we want to say, and the one thing that we should say, is the one thing we
don't say."



Quotes by LovelyLittleMind

Say it ain't so, say I'm happy again
Say it's over, say I'm dreaming
Say I'm better than you left me
Say you're sorry, I can take it

Say you'll wait, say you wont.
Say you love me, say you dont.
I can make my own mistakes
Let it bend before it breaks
When something goes wrong, 
I just want to talk to you.
Not because you can make
my problem any better,
but because somehow talking
to you, no matter what we
talk about, always seems to
put a smile on my face.  
You find yourself at my door, just like all those times before.
You wear your best apology, but I was there to watch you leave.
And all those times I let you in, just for you to go again.
Disappear when you come back, everything is better.
Back at the start we were the only thing that mattered
And we smiled, unafraid, as we filled the night with laughter
And I tried my best to see what you tried your best to be
But you can't tell a heart when to start, when to beat.
I don't know what he's after
But he's so beautiful
Such a beautiful disaster
And if I cold hold on
Through the tears and the laughter
Would it be beautiful?
Or just a beautiful disaster?
Where there is desire
There is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame
Someone's bound to get burned
But just because it burns
Doesn't mean you're gonna die
You gotta get up and try
I wont pretend to know how you feel
No one can distinguish whats right and what's real
I wont pretend to understand
So all I can do is offer my hand

I'm not sure if it's good
I'm not sure if it's enough
I'm not sure if I should
But I know how life gets rough

I wont pretend that I'm right
When we all curl like balls in the night
I wont pretend I'll always be there for you
I know some nights you may not want me too

You can push me away
You can try to hide
I'll never fade
I'll be bright inside

I wont pretend that I know what's best
I can only share the feelings in my chest
I wont pretend
I wont pretend
But in the end
I'll still always be your friend.

Sit and waifor
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makes me smile, just like it used too.
makes me happy, just like it used too.
makes me want to give you my world, just like it used too.
I love you, just like I used too.


I was really sad today. And then I thought of something he had said a couple days ago. It made me smile and laugh and feel better. And then I realized that it's not just his presence that makes me happy, but his entirety that makes me, myself. That was my sudden realization- and I'm not sure if its a good one or just a sad one.