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my life in a nutshell:

im 16:)
i've never been kissed.
i've never had a boyfriend.
i almost had my first boyfriend this year.

im a sophomore.
i love my best friends so much.
i love swimming a lot.
i have an obsession with ducks&cats&vera bradley.

i don't like abbreviations too much so i spell out all my words.
guys are easier to get along with than girls.
half my friends are guys and that doesnt make me a slut.
i dont wear make up and i take 10 minutes to get ready for school.

i have too many pet peeves, but they are legit ones so whatever.
hardly anyone knows any of my secrets.
im not a typical girl.

Quotes by LovelyxoLeLe

Secret # 19
You made me want to cry after what you said.
Now every time I see you in the hall starting tomorrow,
its going to take everything I have not to punch you.
Glad to know I wasted my time on NOTHING.

Secret #18
I know I should give up on you, but there has always been something that keeps me holding on to you.
Even when you had a girlfriend.
PRAYING that you will realize that we could make it together.
Longer than four months.
I know you want a relationship that lasts longer than all your past relationships.
Couldn't we at least give it a shot?

If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.
where do you get your quote layouts from? websites, etc.

thanks ladies :)
Dear Witty Girls,
If you are going to use "there, they're, their, your, you're" please use the correct form.
We learned this in first grade

March and April are my least favorite months. Not because of the snow, or cold or anything. I should love April because of Spring but I don't. These are the two months my grandmother was sick with brain cancer. She was sick for 6 weeks. The worst 6 weeks of my life. I felt so alone because I couldn't actually I WOULDN'T tell anyone what was going on because I didn't want sympathy. Not even my best friends. Every time I saw my grandma, I wanted to cry because I knew she wasn't getting any better and she looked so sick but I had to stay strong in front of my dad and grandpa. When they finally let her go home (to let her die in her own room), she hardly ever left bed, or when she did, she just fell asleep in her chair. She couldn't remember anything and couldn't see me. I cried so many times during those few weeks I thought I was out of tears, until her last week in our presence. Her brain had begun to shut down completely and permanently. This was the absolute worst week of my life. The last time I ever saw her alive, I had to try so hard for so long, to hold the tears back. I cried myself to sleep every night because I refused to let anyone see me cry. The last time I saw her, she was so skinny and small. She couldn't speak, only listen. My sister sat there for an hour just talking to her about her trip to England. I stood in the corner trying not to cry. Then, that following Saturday morning, she died. Then the next day was her wake. I told myself I would not cry. I tried so hard. But once I saw her lifeless body, laying there knowing she would never wake up, the tears came. My oldest sister had started bawling her eyes out the moment she walked in to the funeral home. My middle sister was the only one who could comfort me because she was the only one strong enough not to cry. They did all the prayers before everyone came to send their condolences, and that was the first time I ever saw my father, and my grandfather cry. That made my heart break. Everyone came in and told me how great of a woman my grandmother was. It seemed as if she was the most popular woman in her town. Many tears were shed, and many people I hadn't seen in awhile had come together so celebrate her life. The speech my sister gave about her at the funeral, was the most beautiful speech I had ever heard. I love and miss my grandmother so much.

I know half of you will not read this because its just boring and long. I do not need favorites by any means. I just really needed a place to vent. Thank you for reading this if you did.
I love you Junie. May 1, 2010.
Never EVER forgotten.

Secret #16
People say how I inspire them
because I'm 16 and I've never been
kissed. But really, I just want to get kissed
and get it over with so I can say I've done it.
I'm tired of telling people the truth. I'm tempted to

Secret #15
I act like a tough girl
on the outside,
but on the inside I
have feelings too.
I cry too. I have a heart.
I want to show people my
soft side but I fear that they will
judge me.


Secret #14
I have so many
secrets and so many
confessions I want
to make and tell people,
but I am too shy to EVER
do either and this might make
me lose a few friendships forever.