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uhh. im Lovelyyy. =D ♥ i kind of like making up profiles & stuff.♥thanks

Quotes by Lovelyyy

a broken heart is kind of
like a tattoo. you just -
can't erase it, it stayss
forever. ♥
d a n c i n g a where the stars go blue
dancin` where the evenin fell
dancin' in your wooden shoes

make the 'a' after dancing in small fonts size 8
underline blue in the first line.
italicize** the evenin in the second line.
make the two first lines in arial.
& the last line in tahoma
--make sure to space it out so it lines up =D

around,in small fonts. size 14
make the a, in small fonts. size 8
=D enjoy!
get in loser, we're going shopping.
-mean girls :-P

around, &eventually shopping.

Top Quote*Lucida Sans, size 8, black(or any color)
Bottom*Tahoma, size 8,black(or any color)