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Quotes by Lovemeforme

thrown into the dark
into the depth of the sea
my innocense is lost
never to return to me
i sit here empty
my mind a mess
this cold empty body
has no one to caress
where are you
you said youd be here
alone i am
no one is near
use me as you will
ill still come back to you
as sad as it sounds
those words are so true
&& i wanna be the one
who takes your breath away
i wonder how her
heaven looks
fit for an angel
the most beautiful
one of all
i wonder if shes happy
there with eternal youth
eternal beauty
but no family
i wonder if shes lonely
i wonder how it feels
to watch everyone move
on as shes trapped in time
i wonder what she wants
to say can she even speak
i dont hear her
can she hear me
i wonder if she knows
how much i miss her
does she miss me too
so many un answered questions
keep me curious

rip katie
broken to pieces
she cries again
for the millionth
time the tears dont end
she hurts as the pain
eats through her body
diminishing her spirit
throwig it away nothing
more she can do or say
black covers her soul
emptiness eats through
her heart tearing her to
pieces ripping her apart
she cries tears of black
its getting harder to see
she tries to call out
but with no voice she can not scream
huddled in a corner she fears
the world as it eats her away
no one will remember this girl
pretty girl
is s.u.f.f.e.r.i.n.g as
he confesses [[everything]]
emotionless girl
gets dragged around
lke a puppet
with strings that hang
from her back
with no choice
and no voice
she hasnt a say
while others
look away
in fear
for she is gdifferent
not like them
she is afraid
as she is lifted
once again from her souless
body into her thoughts
of the way it should be
emotionless girl
gets pushed around
no one seems to really
care and while
they laugh she falls
faster into the abyss
that we call pain
tears trickle
down her pale face
her mascara bleeds away
ts not hard to miss
the emotionless girl
as she dies away
the dark eyed
girl is now freed
no more tears will
she cry she calls
it peace while we
call it suicide

im not good at non rhyming poetry
a hopeless longing
keeps me here
helps me to hang on
sleepless nights
endless days
i know just what i want
a simple sign of sanity
perhaps a bit of clarity
to help me see thias through
infinite loneliness
dreaming of happiness
hping it ends soon
an invisible girl
that no one can see
whats the use ogf longing
i will never be free
lost i am, tired of hoping
the world will stay the same
even when im gone
far away..feeling no more pain
she screams
she cannot see
misguided and alone
she is different
not what they want her
to be
she screams
for sanity
for hope
she starts to let go
she knows
this is the way it will remain
invisible girl crying there
filled with so much pain
she screams
its hopeless now
shes lost
thats the way it will always be
she screams
as she falls into a world of black
she screams one last time
she knows she wont come back
wipe these tears
erase these years
that have me forever scarred
forget the pain, forget the way
we became the way we are
my past is clouded
my memory is not
remember i do i havent forgot
endless misery has brought me here
and made me the way i am
so why is it so hard to just let go
and forget my painful past
holding on is painful
letting go is a simple task
so why cant i let loose this grasp
that keeps me from my sanity
into the darkness
she falls despite
her efforts to try
to hang on, closer now
the world turns
black death is something
she no longer wants
needless to say its
now its to late
life is but a memory
couldnt there of been
another way to possibly
end her misery
she gave it all she had
it only weakened her
in the end she tried
to hard to be the girl
she never could of been