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Tell me you love me,
and I'll be yours forever
I want you forever, forever and always
Through the good and the bad and the ugly
We'll grow old together
Forever and always.
Please just remember even if I'm not there I'll always love you forever and always <3

Quotes by LoverOfMyLife

To the world you may
be just one person,
but to one person
you may be the world.

I'd rather argue
with you then
kiss someone else.

You'll always be
the brightest thing 
in my sky.

I will wait for
you because
honestly I don't
want anyone

I still remember
every word you've said.

It is hard to tell your
mind to stop loving
someone if your
heart still does.

After all this time
it's still you.

I see something in you
that no one else can.
That's why I love you.
And secretly , I wish
no one else sees it too.

It's so hard to pretend to
be friends with someone special ,
when every time you look at
that person, all you see is
everything you want to have.

You know someone means
a lot to you when their
mood can easily affect yours.