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The names Laura i might be in 8th grade but im

such a 3th grader on the inside. I LOVE One

Direction like legit love em and also pickles,

lions,elephants and the Lion King. I have two main

friends @dramaqueen607 and Sarah we call

ourselves the 3 musleerterrs. I'M single like defo

and im only 13 1/2 yrs old. Follow me on twitter

@LauraNP14 P:S-i'm the one with blue hair and

andrea is the redhead next to


Quotes by Lover_of_1D

                   To perverts, we're sexy.
                     To adults, we're cute.
                     To relatives, we're adorable.
                     To dumbasses, we're fine.
                     To each other, we're pretty.
                     To gentlemen, we're gorgeous.
                     To the right guys, we're beautiul.
                      But to ourselves, we're ugly as f/ck.

Procrastinator? No. I just wait till the last second to do my homework because I will be older, therefore wiser

QUESTION:Did you know the Iphone 5 helps you lose weight???????????

ANSWER: Because after you buy it you cant afford food for the next 5 months.
                                                     If Cinderella's shoes fit then 
                            Why did it fall off??      
That awkward moment when
Liam doesnt start a song!!!!!!
                                      Theres a place i go
                                                But nobody knows
                                                       Where the river flows
                                                                 And i call it home

                                                And there's no more lies
                                   In the darkness,there's light
                               And nobody cries
               There's only butterflies
                                             Never        Miss   A         Chance        To