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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Hey! the names marieha(: i'm 15 and a freshman in highschool. I have alot of drama in my life between my family and friends. I'm in love with One Direction, Harry Styles is my favorite though, i can't get over him! Well in need of witty friends! if there's anything else you wanna know, then let me know! Follow for a Follow! Image and video hosting by TinyPic - Profile Counters <3 Profile Counters

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Stole My Heart
Chapter 10
"You don't know your beautiful." I woke up to my radio singing that. For some reason right when i woke up i was not tired at all. Until i realized it was Sunday. "Good morning folks! today is the day you get to find out if you won to meet One Direction, so i would check my mail box if i were you!" the announcer said. I got out of bed excitedly, and ran down my stairs screaming on the top of my lungs. "Marieha quite down! it's 6 in the morning and were trying to sleep!" my mother complained. "Sorry!" i told her putting on my flats and running to the mail box without shutting my door. As soon as i got to my old, baby blue mail box. I touched the handle lightly and said a little prayer in my head. I opened the mail box to find a blue slip. I tear it open. It only happen to be a bill for my mother. I felt my eye's water as i put the slip back into the mail box, and crossed my neatly cut grass to my door. "Honkkk." i turn around to only see Harry and the boy's. "Marieha! you won!!" Louis said as the all ran out of there car and ran up to give me a group hug. One Direction was hugging me. 
"Are you serious!?" i stuttered, not believing it. "Yeah were seriouss, now i get to see you more!" Harry shouted excitedly. "What about, Mackenzie, Dallas and Angie?!" "i wanted to suprise them!" Niall blurted out. "Haha yeah, We wanted you to bring them to the airport with you to say good byes, but really we'll pop out and tell them that they won!" Zayn told me excitedly. "Sounds exciting!" i told them. "Alrigth, well we better let you get your rest, your gonna need it!" Louis said. "Yeah, be at the airport at 11." Harry said with a huge smile on his face. He kissed me cheek and drove away in the distance.

That Moment..
when  the  guy  you  really  liked  you  use  to  call  you  beautiful  and  said  he  really  liked  you  to ,  but  played you  like  some  toy.

Now  he  has  a  girlfriend.   /: </3


Stole My Heart
Chapter 9

"Mom i'm home! here's your grociers!" i told her walking in the door, non stop smiling. "Why are you so happy? My mother asked with a grin. "Oh nothing." i told her walking to my room. "What ever you say." She said curiously. "What to wear, what to wear." I asked my sound searching through my closet. I didn't want him to think i was a try-hard, so i picked out this white holister tank-top with flowery designs and Holister jean shorts with little holes in them. "Marieha, you left your phone down stairs and it says you got a text from a guy names Harry saying "Hey i'll be here in 20 minuets be ready(:" My mom shouted from down the stairs. I ran down the stairs and grabbed my phone. "So who's Harry and how come you never told me about him? My mother asked curiously. "It's nothing, he's just a friend that i met today and he wants to hangout." I told her assuringly. "Well okay, then don't be back to late, and isn't that the name of that one boy band that you and your friends want to win that tour to?" "yeah, it's him. I told her blushing. "Oh, well be careful, you know how rockstairs can get, sometimes just want to get into the girls pants." My mom warned me. "Mom!" i hit her in the arm. "Just warning you, now go get ready! My mom pushed me up the stairs pretty much. Within the 20 minuets, i put on some eyeliner, and mascara, and curled my hair. Exactly at eight, Harry was already there.
"Have fun!" My mom yelled out the door. "You look gorgous!" Harry told me, getting into his car. "Awh thanks! and you look handsome!" I said  not believing that i'm on a date with Harry Styles. "So were exactly is this place?" Harry was giggling. "Oh just keep going straight, It's only a couple blocks from my house." i told him. "Oh well don't i feel stupid." "Well don't feel stupid! it happens to everyone." "Haha." 
The rest of the way was a little awkward since we had nothing to talk about, but when we got to pizza ranch it got better. "Here you go, love." Harry told me opening the big heavy doors to pizza ranch. "Why thank you." i told him with a smile. "Please seat yourself." Harry read out loud. "well, were would you like to sit love? "Um is the back okay?" i asked him. "Most certainly." he agreed with that cute little smile of his. "so tell me about yourself, marieha." "well there's really nothing really interesting about me, i'm a sophmore in highschool?" i told him, not knowing what else to say. "Well thats interesting." He laughed. "How may i help you lovely couple?" Said the waitress walking over to our table. When he said couple, i blushed immedietly. "I'll take a peporoni pizza with coke please." I told him. "Same." Harry also told him, i could not get over his smile. As the waitress walked away, Harry asked me and exciting question. "So have you singed up for my tour for a month?" He asked blushing. "I did! well me and my friends." i told him excitedly. "Great! now i hopefully get to spend more time with you." He said with a big smile. "It's almost 10, doing you want to get going?" "Oh yes i don't want you to be late." Harry grabbed my hand with a smile." 

I need a witty bestfriend. 
1. someone i can text!
2. I can talk to about problems and have good advice.
3. atleast 14-17


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Stole My Heart
Chapter 8
"Is your friend alright?" Niall asked innocently. When i looked over at Dallas she was standing there next to me frozen with her jaw open. "Hey Dallas you okay?" I asked her. No response. "Dallas say something!" i nudged her on the shoulder hard. "H-hi Naill!" Dallas said as she broke into a smile. "Ello love!" Niall said happily. "Well we better get going, i got to get grociers for my mom." i told them, not really wanting to leave them. "Well alright." Louis signed. "Well nice meeting you two!" Harry blurted. "You two!" i told them with a smile, walking off into the isles. "Oh my god you were talking to One Direction!" Dallas said extremely loud. "Yes i wa-" "Love! i got a question." Harry shouted.  My heart was racing super fast. "Yes harry?" i smiled at him. "You should text me?" he asked me with that little grin on his face. Holy sh*t was i getting harry styles number? "sure." i handed him my phone. As he hands me back my IPhone he kisses me on the cheek and goes off. "Holy sh*t i just got Harry Styles number." i said out loud. "Marieha your the luckies girl in the world right now!" "I know!" i told her. "Oh my god! i just seen One Direction drive off and Louis smiled at me!
Mackenzie said running into the store freaking out. "Liam waved at me!" Angie also running into the store freaking out. "I. said. hi. to. Niall." Dallas explaining, still not beleiving what she saw in front of her. "Guy's calm down!" i told everyone getting the last of my grociers. "What did you not see harry?" Mackenzie asked. "Um i did." "And she got his number!" Dallas blurted. "Are you serious? how did you do that?" Angie asked suprised. "Guy's it's really no big deal, they just asked me for directions!" i explained trying to keep my cool.
"Um it's a big deal to us!" Dallas explained. "Uh i know! i confessed, i don't even know how i got the courage to talk to them!" Your insecure don't know what for. My phone went off saying i had a new text message. It was a text from harry. "Heyy love, your quite beautiful(: when can i see you again?" As i read that message on my phone, stunningly, i was so speechless and just starred at it. "Well i got to go, i had to get my mom medicine so see ya!" Angie said, going to wait in line. "Well i have to go home with her, so byee!" Mackenzie said walking off. "Oh bye!" i shouted at them not looking up from my phone. "What's wrong! is it a text from harry!?" Dallas asked happily. "He did! look at it!" As i show her my phone she was also speechless. "Oh my god you should go out with him tonight!" Dallas suggested.
"I don't know"
"Why don't you know? it's harry styles!"
"Yeah but i would be way to ner"
You don't know your beautiful. My phone went off again. Another text from Harry. "You hear? btw Niall thought your friend was super cute, he was to shy to admit it, tell her this is niall number(:" "Ohhhh Dallas you got Nialls number!" i told her, showing her my phone. "OH MY GOD! i really hope we win the contest now! well i'm going to go and get some rest for tommorow!" Dallas said walking out of the store. I decided to reply to harry. "Meet me tonight at 8 at Pizza ranch?(:" He replied a couples seconds later. "Sounds good beautiful(:"

I can't be superman,
But for you i'de be super human<3

 So in about 2 weeks....
 we have to give our school computer back /: that means i can't been on witty that much unless im at my dads so my storys are going to take even longer to post /: i'll try to post them when i can! sorry): 


Stole My Heart
Chapter 7
"Buzz." Went my loud alarm clock. "Ugh." i mumbled under my breath. "Wake up Marieha! i need you to run so Aaron's for my in about an hour, so please get up and get dressed!" My mother shouted from downstairs. "Kay." i shouted back, getting out of bed. As i climbed out of my warm and comfortable bed, i realized it was sunday. I have one more day to wait to see if i win the One Direction Tour. As i was thinking about that, i got butterfly's, but shacking it off i got up and got dressed. Since it was going to be pretty warm today, i decided to put on a pair of jean shorts, and a plain V neck navy blue short sleeve with a white tank top under it. I all the sudden had a feeling that i was going to see someone important there, so i curled my long brown hair and put on some mascara and eyeliner. "Okay mom, what do you want me to get!?" i asked running down the stairs, she was on her laptop like usual. "Well i need some Bread, Milk, Tooth paste umm what else, oh yes! and chips!" My mother told me not looking up form her laptop. "Okay be back in a couple of hours." i told her walking out the door. As i got into my car, started the ignition, What Makes You Beautiful came on the radio. So of course i put it on full blast. 
*20 minuets later*
As i park my car, i see this incredibly nice car. "Who's car is that? never seen it around here before." I said to my self. I got out of the car, stepping into the warm breeze, into the chilly store were i see 5 incredibly cute guys! 'Oh my gosh! is that One Direction?' i ask my self. 'No it can't be! but i should go over there and say hi...No what the hell! i am to much of a wimp, besides i think it's One Direction!' I tried to walk by the 5 incredibly cute guy's silently hoping they wouldn't notice me, because god only knows what would come out my mouth. Well trying to walk behind them 'Silently' failed. "Ello Love!" i heard a boy with cury dark hair say. 'Is that harry styles!? i say to my self. 'Of course it is! i'm sooo stupid.' Uhhh, hi!" i said feeling my cheeks blush with embarrasment. "Were lost and looking for direction, by the way i'm Harry, this is Niall, this is Lou-" "I know!" i said rather loud and obnoxious. "We know you do love!" Louis added. "Y-yeah." i said not taking my eye's off of harry. "Do you happen to know where the food section is?" Niall asked me in his extremely cute irish accent. "Niall! you can't just ask a lady that!" Zayn told him nudging him in the arm. "So anyway, harry continued, Do you happen to know where the radio station is?" he asked my with his cute deep voice. "Uhhh y-yeah just take a lef- no a right out of the parking lot then just follow that rode!" i said with a smile. "No need to be nervous love!" Louis told me putting his arms on my shoulders. "Well thank you love! But i didn't get your name?" Harry asked me, all eye's glarring at me. "Oh my names Marieha." i said, couldn't stop smiling. "Dingg" Went the stores door, meaning someone came in. "Oh. My. God. I heard Dallas's voice behing me. 
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